Monday, 20 June 2011

Catch Up Quick!

Well, after a lovely weekend off 'work' and several fairs in the next few weeks its time to pull the proverbial finger out and make a start on replenishing my stock. Having sold several large items recently I'm looking a bit empty!

First up was some bunting, a chore to make but certainly a best seller. I made a batch of my usual shabby twine bunting in pink

Then I made some 'scrappy' mini bunting from a lovely Moda scrap roll I've had for an age, its been used in so many projects! Its not my usual style for Strawberry Patch but I thought it was so colourful and we need a bit of colour with this dreary weather!

Then it was onto a pin board that I've been meaning to make up for a while. I often get asked if I have these so I thought I would add one to my stock and see how popular they are.

Then yet another job - re frame a picture for my collection at Blue Indigo Gallery I already have 3 stitched pictures in the gallery, this one just needed a whitewash on the frame and now its ready to join them!

Finally this evening I had time for a little 'playtime' and this is what happened:

Another picture! Seriously I am addicted to making these at the moment! I was day dreaming about our holiday to Wales which is coming up and the flick I had through Vintage Life Magazine earlier today must have brought out my inner 1950's camper!

Tonight isn't over yet though! With a present to make for my Mother-In-Laws birthday and a list as long as my arm to work though I may be holed up in the studio for a few hours yet. But am I complaining? Heck no what better way to spend the evening than at my sewing machine!

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Ellie W said...

I wish either a) I was as talented as you or b) I won the lottery and could pay you to decorate my house!! xxx