Wednesday, 13 July 2011

WIP Wednesday

Just a quick post this evening to show you what has been keeping me out of mischief this week....

I am busy getting ready for the Exeter Vintage and Handmade Fair this Saturday which is being held at the Thistle Hotel. I have been sampling new lines and thought it would be a good place to trial them, here is one

I have also run up a matching Union Jack cushion, a notebook cover and have several more items on the list to make up before Saturday (guess who'll be living by the sewing machine for the next few days!)

No wanting to give myself an easy life I have also discovered I love to crochet and thought it would be ideal to revisit knitting at the same time. I always wanted to knit but its never come very naturally to me, here is a little project I have started

This is taken from the current issue of Handmade Living Magazine and is the first time I have tried increasing/decreasing and shaping. Its turned out rather better than I expected (having only knitted scarves previously!). I Just have to make the second one now to make the pair of mittens.

I am also teaching myself to crochet with help from books, YouTube and some very helpful friends. Here is a little of my practice

My first ever granny square and a crochet flower, I think I need a lot more practice! I have also started making a little baby play mat to practice my tension and colour changing techniques

Finally, I have been working on a promotional flyer for our really exciting new Christmas event, yes you did hear me correctly, its for Christmas! By now I should really have sampled my Christmas stock and had ideas sketched, made up and finalised. But the summer sun keeps me creating sunny tea party by the sea inspired pieces!

Anyone interested in having a stall at this event can email me at

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