Friday, 5 August 2011

Better Late than Never!

Finally I have found time to sit down and do a quick write-up on July's Meet and Make evening. Again we had a busy month with our lovely regulars and some nice new faces, its always great to meet people who love making like me!

This month we were making yoyo's or Suffolk puffs, I love them, they are so versatile and can be put on anything.

Here's a round-up in photos of our crafty night (apologies for the quality of the photos this month, I forgot my camera and had to make do with the phone, I would have forgotten my head if it hadn't been attached that night, the school break is defiantly taking its toll with me!)

This is my sample necklace

And my sample top that I wore on the night to inspire everyone


Here is a lovely pink puff necklace, doesn't that pink ribbon just pop!

Some of our very talented regulars took the yoyo's to a festive level and made these amazing Christmas trees! (and is that an applique bag from last month meet I spot in the background?!)

I simply love the combination of colours and the layered effect in this necklace

One of our newer ladies decided to add her yoyo's onto her applique bag she did with us last month, a lovely way to show off her handiwork.

I'm loving the vintage feel of these florals

And the buttons make the detail on this lovely statement necklace.

For me this sums up at Meet and Make evening, wine, chatter and lots of crafty mess!

And finally my own make of the evening, its very rare I get time to sit down and join in but I picked up a fresh white and blue stripe shirt at the car boot for 50pence and knew immediately I had to make a yo yo necklace with it. It perfectly fills a gap in my accessories box and I'm super pleased with it!

Looking forward to next month already :)

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Helmi said...

Looks great, love the top (2 photo)!