Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Baggy Pouches

Baggy pouches.....saying that makes me think of that song with the line baggy trousers (I do hope someone else knows what on earth I am on about!)

Anyway, I am not here to fool around, no I haven't been quiet for so long only to come back and lark about. No, I mean business. And the order of business is to let you now about some splendiferous new patterns from the very talented Aneela Hoey.

A few weeks ago I had the immeasurable pleasure of pattern testing one of these new releases for her and I would like to share my efforts with you, because quite frankly I blimmin love them!


Its been hard keeping these beauties quiet and out of my Instagram pictures for the past few weeks, I put them into action the moment they were finished!


I love the superfly tips Annela gives on utilising those machine embroidery stitches you try to forget you have (come on admit it, you know you ignore them). It was fun trying out different combos and I am head over heels with the ones I used on the yellow Heather Ross pouch.


I used a beautiful charcoal grey 100% silk thread from Au Ver A Soie, it stitched so perfectly! Aneela has great pointers on how to line them up evenly with the curved top of the pouch and I couldn't resist adding in a little leather tab. Seriously, I seem to be putting these on everything lately!

Talking about the curved top, the shape of the pouches are perfection, I love that they are different from that standard boxed corner zippy pouch. They make you look oh so clever with their fancy shaping but really it is so straightforward and simple.


There are two sizes included in the pattern, the large is wonderfully roomy, holding two full cakes of yarn for my first foray into colour work knitting. I used Thermolam fleece for my pouches, it gives great structure and body to the pouch without adding any stiffness.


And thats not all, the clever lady also has two more patterns out too. I know they will be perfect for the organised person and the person who is not so organised who could use some help! Go and check them all out here!


Pennie said...

They're lovely 😍

Lynz said...

Aaw, super cute!! And just in time for the Christmas makes! *prays for a girl in the workplace Secret Santa*