Friday, 6 January 2012

Calling blogger LILYSMUDGE !!

Hi Lilysmudge, you commented on the rainbow charm swap wanting to take part but you are a no reply blogger so I cant add you or contact you. If you do want to take part please email me (emilylevey @ yahoo . co . uk) so I can have your email address to send all the details too.

I have others wanting to take part in the swap waiting on standby so if you don't want to continue please let me know.

To everyone else, I'll be sending out your colour assignment very soon, keep your eye on your inbox and have your card ready to go and shop!


Cindy said...

Come on, Lillysmudge - we'd love to swap with you :)

Diane-crewe said...

card burning my hand as I head off to look at fabrics in ... GEEN .. xx

Nicky said...

Interesting name Lilysmudge!

Who or where are you!??

Ordered my yellow - love it!