Monday, 16 January 2012

A Thank you Tutorial - Flower Pincushion

Hey everyone, I want to say a hugemungus thank you for all the lovely sweet comments on my last blog post. Not one of you told me to 'pull myself together' you were all most sympathetic, which left me wishing I was going to the FQ retreat even more so I could meet some of you lovely ladies!

I got my mojo back!

It didn't take long, I know sewing heals the soul and I got down to some good old fashioned stitchy therapy! After having put up mosaics for the Mouthy Stitches Swap, the For The Love of Solids Swap and catching up on admin in the Rainbow Charm swap too.

I made my self a cute little bag that I've been dying to make for months now, photos soon I promise! But today I have a mini tute for you all, sort of stitchy, sort of crafty. Its a great way of using up pretty scraps you'd like to show off and would make a really cheap/quick gift for someone.

So sweet right?!

Supply List:

Flower paint palette (I got mine from a local discount store for under £2, I did want a porcelain one but they were hard to find and expensive, this plastic one still looks good)
Scraps of Fabric
Polyfill Stuffing
Glue Gun
Needle & Cotton
Circular Template
Pen & Scissors

First of all make a circular template, I just used a glass bowl, which I to draw around on the wrong side of my fabric. My template was approximately 5" in diameter but it will of course depend on the size of the wells in your palette.

Cut out the required amount of circles, one for each well.

Make a long running stitch around the outside of your circle.

When you get back to the starting point with the running stitch, gather it up until it looks like a cute mini shower cap! Leave the needle and thread in for now.

Stuff it very full with polyfill stuffing, then using the needle and thread which is still attached, pull the circle closed as much as you can, criss-crossing over the opening to secure. I found it was helpful to try it in the well of the palette at this stage to check it was full enough and had a good shape to fit.

Now liberally fill the well with hot glue and push the ball you have just made down firmly, holding for a short while until secure. Continue until all the wells are full. I left my centre well empty for buttons, safety pins etc. The beauty of this pin cushion is it has so much space I can have one for bent pins, one for dressmaking, one for quilting, one for needles...well you get the idea!

Now, fill with pins and admire!

I hope you like my mini-tutorial, Id love to know if you make one!


Amanda said...

This is a great idea for all those pins, looks lovely.

susan said...

Thanks for the tutorial, but more importantly - so pleased you are in better spirits!

Sarah Witherby said...

Fantastic .. really great idea ... especially for separating machine needles etc.

So pleased you're feeling chirpier ... I'm in same boat re. retreat in summer ... have decided to leave it to fate ...what's meant to be will be ...

Looking forward to seeing the new bag too!

Catherine said...

what a great idea and thanks for sharing. Glad to hear you are more cheerful: never say never!

mammafairy said...

Great idea, looks very pretty.
I am glad you are feeling a bit brighter again.
And I will try to save up to go on next years with you! I cannot justify it this year, but look forward to news about it!

Cindy said...

So glad to hear you found your mojo! And look at what a cute project you stared with. Adorable! A great idea if you have little hands "helping" you too! xx

Katy Cameron said...

Oh that is super cute! I may have to nip to the art store up the street from work tomorrow just to get one of these pallets. (well, I actually already have one, but I don't think it counts with acrylic paint adhering to it ;o) )

Nicky said...

Cute tute and lovely result! Glad for your high spirits - you can do it girl! I know you can!