Saturday, 28 July 2012

I want your scraps!

Specifically and only Aneela Hoey ones though I am may remember on my FAL list I included the Aneela Tribute Mini Quilt. I want to make a mini with a little of every line she has so far, along with my Aneela signature and embroidery (yes I am just a little crazy!)

Problem is I only have a charm pack of Walk in the Woods and a few scraps of Sherbet Pips.

This is where you come in. I need just scraps, any shape and size as it is going to be a bit 'improv' in nature, of the following lines:

Sherbet Pips

Little Apples

Sew Stitchy

Cherry Christmas 

(I am aware that most people wont have this yet as it is only just being released)

Because I only need a few scraps from each line you can understand why I am reluctant to buy from a store, it would work out very ineffective cost wise.

So I will do whatever you want to get your scraps, ie pay you, swap with you (provided I have something you want in return) make you something or just make sure everyone knows you are the most awesome lovely person on the entire planet for helping me out!

Can you help me? Pretty please :-)


Patchwork and Play said...

I think I may have some Sherbet Pips stashed away somewhere? You wouldn't have any Liberty scraps, would you? (We are in the Modern Stitching Bee- could you wait til your might take me then to find my pips!!!!)

susan said...

Emily, I have some sew stitchy scraps in an envelope for you at my mum's but no Internet there, only phone. Email me your address please, and I will post it Monday along with the wigglies. I can pick up the email with my phone if we are back there again when I get it.

Fiona @ Poppy Makes said...

I have some Pips charms I can send you, blue and grey puppies, and blue square dots

Sarah said...

i have a couple wee bits of apples, can send next week when i've got the wigglies finished:-)

Katy Cameron said...

I've got a little Pips, white girl on swing, grey girl on swing, pink on white squares (I think) and white on grey squares that I can pop in with my wigglies, how much are you after?

Erin @ Billy Button Design said...

I still have buckets loads of Sherbet and Little apples Let me know if you want any!

Cherie said...

Lol I just sent you out my two that I had spare...I'll check my stash I think I have some of the mini apple print in grey. I'll let you know if I find some =D

linda said...

i have just seen this i have a couple of pips scraps also a walk in the woods charm pack if you want them !!!!

Anonymous said...

I have some of the Sherbet Pips dogs on blue if you need any of that?

Cindy said...

Oh no! I don't have any of these lines. I'm so sorry!