Tuesday, 24 July 2012

No time to talk

I have been busy, busy fielding squabbling children (are we really still in the first week of the holidays?!) busy cleaning and washing whilst the sun shines and happily busy sewing when I can.

So with the kids wrapped up in bed I am going to give you a whirlwind update of what's been going on here before whizzing off to do some more (or possible collapse in front of a film, I will see how far my legs take me!)

First up, my new wallet! I have been drooling over the wonderful purses Ali at Very Berry Handmade makes for months and every time i get out my tattered old wallet I swear I am going to make myself a new one. I finally did it and I love it! Best of all the fabric was in the bargain bucket at a local quilt shop and I found they also sell fusible fleece (amazing, no-where here ever stocks anything useful or modern!) so I got everything I needed, hurrah!

I took photos of it VERY late at night, hence the poor quality, obviously I couldn't wait to use it!

Next I trialled a block for my month in the new Modern Stitching Bee, Alleyways from the book Modern Blocks

I did a quick mosaic to give me an idea of how this would look as a quilt, although it is hard to imagine because each block will be made from different fabrics from their own scraps, so it will be less uniform but I think I will like it. I have a few more to trial when I get a minute!

I also finished my frame purse last week for my swap partner, I had a bit of a mare with the glue, which was very frustrating after all the care I had taken to make up a pattern, embroider and sew the purse together. Thankfully some lovely smelly acetone took care of my spilt glue :-)

The front, thankfully now glue free (almost!)

The back...fly birdie, fly!

The inside, yes, more bargain Amy Butler, but when it is so gorgeous why not?!

My not so little purse is now stuffed with goodies and ready to be wrapped up and handed to the postie at the end of the week.

Finally last week just because I could I made a quilt! It is not on my FAL list, it didn't need making, but sometimes you just have to. I had a beautiful Cape Ann charm pack from one of the lovely ladies in the rainbow charm swap, sent as a thank you. As soon as I received it I knew it would be a quilt for one of my girls but it promptly got stroked and put in the fabric cupboard, where I forgot about it!

So I pulled it out last week (does this mean I can buy new fabric now as I have used up some stash?!!!)

Love that vintage sheet stripy binding, my favouritest binding ever (and yes that is a word)

 Vintage sheet backing too, quilted with free motion loopy hearts

 It is amazing how far a charm pack can go! This is a generous fit on little Juliettes toddler bed and I am hoping it will sit widthways across the bottom of a single bed when she moves up to one as it too pretty not to keep using.

So that's me pretty much upto date. Tell a lie, I did finish my BQS3 mini today but was too busy hand sewing the binding and sunbathing to take a picture, so you'll have to wait!



Loving all you things!! you have been busy, and a very cute quilt. Kx

Sarah @ FairyFace Designs said...

Wow, you have been super busy! Love the wallet, love the purse and just adore that quilt, your hearts are gorgeous!

Katy Cameron said...

Beautiful job on the purses, and love the quilt too. And of course it means you can go shopping... ;o)

Cherie said...

Wow you really have been busy! Loving that frame purse! =D

Flying Blind... said...


Trudi said...

Love the wallet, LOVE the purse, oh my, a quilt too, you have been a busy bee. :)

Michele said...

That wallet is lovely great job :-) Such pretty fabrics!

Celtic Thistle said...

Great job on the wallet, it looks super useful. Don't you just love it when you find what you need in an unexpected place too!

Kelly said...

Love your new wallet and everything else on this post!

Cindy said...

Your bee block and purse are just lovely! I love how the embroidery suits the lining!

Annabella said...

Where to start? The walet is amazing - kudos to you! I am very grateful for thte mockup of the block as I could never work out that block would work but now totally love it! Lovely lovely makes.

Annabella said...

Wallet even.

Sarah said...

wowza! I dont know what to comment on first! So many lovelies. Purse - gorgeous, love the birdy. Quilt - fab, Cape Ann is such a pretty line and you've done that proud. Love your trial block too, I'd enjoy doing that one :-) Wallet - awesome!

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Gorgeous makes!! I love your wallet and the frame purse is beautiful, such a cute birdie!
The quilt is really pretty too, love the vintage sheets you used. How did you get your hearts so perfect??! x