Wednesday, 5 September 2012

I am not really here!

Well, just for today I am as a wonderful friend has loaned me their laptop :-)

I should be back to normal in a few days when the laptop part arrives now that I have been able to order it, phew!

Despite being a little cut off interweb wise I am still reachable from the outside world and I had some lovely post yesterday from Kelly, she is awesome, I love her!

Lovely little piles of scraps from each of Aneela's range, now I am sure to be able to get my quilt finished along with the charm pack of Sew Stitchy on its way from the USA. Thank you SO much Kelly :-)

Speaking of which I guess the Aneela quilt was really my only WIP, I have managed to move it along a bit in the last few days

All of the embroidery blocks for the top row are now complete and I just have 5 sampler block to make and then sash everything. The pieces of paper are noting which blocks are going where, so far I have decided on a constellation star (seeing as the one I made Hadley went down so well!) a dresden plate and a wonky star 9 patch (from Shape workshop for quilters). I just have to come up with 2 more...that's the bit that is slowing me down!

I have also managed to add quite a few projects to my WIP whilst having all this internet free time on my hands!

I blame Lucy for this one! I have finally caved in a decided to start a rose star quilt, I held off for so long as I don't usually do long term project but I just couldn't resist any longer! I got one made yesterday, I adore it and there is even brown in it. Perhaps making Hadley's joke mini has done something terrible to me, eeek!

I was so excited by my rose star block that I went and pulled all my most precious fabric from my stash for the rest of the blocks. I seem to have a lack of aubergine/browny prints though and I need more text fabric on a creamy/snow background...if anyone can suggest any current lines that might help? I am not sure if the sweetwater print I used is still available.

I have also made a new block for the Liberty Mini, just two more to make, these will come when inspiration strikes! Thanks to Lolly for being my churn dash muse, I couldn't not make some little ones after seeing her Brit Bee blocks popping up everywhere!

Finally, I have been asked to make some Christmas stocking for a friend - 6 of them! I can't believe I am sewing for Christmas so early but it was fun choosing fabrics with her. We settled on these prints from Kate Spain's Joy line.

That's not including 2 lots of bee blocks also to do this month. All in all, a lot more going on than I usually like, being a virgo and all that (read neurotic about having half finished things laying about!). Lets hope that laptop part does take a few days to get here so I can get a head start!



Busy Busy Busy!!! cute Liberty mini blocks..Kx

Katy Cameron said...

You're right, for someone that's not all there, you have got a lot done ;o) Fab projects anyway (brown jobbie aside!)

Liz DandeliondD said...

aha you are Hadley's secret sender are you!

Great work - espesh considering that you are not really here.

Sarah said...

Lovely lovely works missus x

Archie the wonder dog said...

I love your Aneela quilt - you've inspired me to nip up to my sewing room and start sketching/pulling fabrics but I need another project like a hole in the head so I'm going to resist...for now ;o)

Sarah Lou said...

The Aneela quilt is amazing, it all fits so well together (and of course the blocks look great too!)

Susan Standen said...

Lovely that you could pop in for a chat. Everything is looking really great in the WIPs. The Liberty suits those churn dash blocks!

Flying Blind... said...

All looking fabulous darling xxx
Looking forward to having you really back x

Kelly said...

Your Aneela quilt is looking great and glad I could help x

Cherie said...

Wow not having the laptop seems like a very good thing more sewing time!
Such great progress on everything. Possibly a log cabin or flying geese block to add to the Aneela quilt?
I have some spare liberty prints if you need more let me know =D

Sarah said...

All the sweetwater lines have some text prints. I just bought their latest one Lucy's Crab Shack which has text prints but in a larger font. Hope this helps! I LOVE your Aneela quilt. I'm inspired to start my own now . . . coz I need another project idea, NOT! I enjoy reading your blog. sarahleighATinternodeDOTonDOTnet

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Oh my gosh you are brilliant!! The Aneela quilt is so awesome!! The rose star is gorgeous and makes me wish I'd done more planning and fussy cutting for mine! The Liberty is utterly divine too. Damn girl you have good taste!! :)

Jenelle said...

So many beautiful things in progress!

Cindy said...

Oh wow! Loving the liberty mini. That's going to be just super. Your Pips Sampler is just delish! I can't wait to see you add more to it. Loving that.