Thursday, 17 April 2014

Playing Hookey

I've been playing away.

These days it seems I have more and more obligatory sewing that must be done. And don't get me wrong, I still am madly truly deeply in love with sewing, but when it becomes work, work can sometimes be a chore and its nice to have a break from that.

So I taught myself to crochet. Again.

I had learnt to crochet right back in the days when Mollie Makes first came on the scene. I didn't however really get the hang of it and after making an apple cosy promptly forgot the bare grasp I had on the skill.

Then inspired on instagram by the likes of Bonnie from Pink Stitches I decided it was high time I picked up my hook again!

I started with a blanket, made from old balls of wool I had from before either of my children were born! It is a squircle granny square with a large spike stitch border (I used a tutorial for the border but I can't remember where from, sorry!)

Looking forward to the great British sewing bee tonight and working on the border to finish my crochet blanket!

Just realised I never shared a photo of my finished squircle blanket. Really proud of this one.

I had hoped to make it bigger, but ran out of the white yarn. And in all honesty for a first blanket it was a good size to attempt, any larger and I would have lost interest. Crochet takes way longer than quilting, fact. The kids certainly love it and its always in use. 

Then I decided time for something for me

Late night #nordicshawl finish! Just in time for the chilly weekend :-)

A lovely big squishy crochet shawl, using the Nordic Shawl pattern from My Rose Valley. I  love the simple style and the most fun was playing around with which colours to use.

Next, my local yarn shop, Social Fabric, asked if I would help them get a kit together for a granny square blanket. They gave me a lovely bundle of soft DK yarn and I set to work turning it into piles of granny squares for a shop sample.

Just been delivered a lovely big pile of yarn to crochet a shop sample with :-)

Making good progress with this, halfway there now!

Then, back to something for the children. I saw this amazing doll on Instagram and just had to track down where it came from and make one.

Hoping to give this sweet girl hair and a dress today. First crochet doll, an easter gift for my girls.

You can find the instructions for this doll over at Annaboos house in the cal. I adapted the pattern to have a slightly longer body and stripey tights. I am pleased to say coconut (as my children affectionately called her during her bald pre-hair period) is all finished. 

Finally made a dress for the poor naked girl. Now she is finished ready for Easter. Pattern from the cal by @annaboos_house

A second doll had been promised to my older daughter, but in the meantime I can be found making a batch of animal ear headbands, I've been asked for purple hippo ears and brown bears too!

Made some cute little crochet kitty ears as a thank you for our tattooist today :-) pattern from @annaboos_house


Canadian Abroad said...

This post has reminded me I really need to get back to doing some crochet. Love what you have been making.

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

all gorgeous! The blanket is beautiful and that shawl is stunning, perfect for the cold spring evenings!

Charlotte said...

I knew you had it in you to be an amazing hooker ;-)

Katy Cameron said...

You have been having fun, and the makes are lovely! I was totally not going there on the hooker comment, but Charlotte got there first anyway ;o)

Nicky said...

That naughty Charlotte! I am always amazed at how talented you are - but really I should know better by now! Brilliant as ever Emily!

Archie the wonder dog said...

Your blanket is gorgeous!

Kay said...

Absolutely stunning, I really must learn to crochet. x