Thursday, 1 May 2014

clearing a backlog

I have a problem, its a common complaint, with constant minor irritating symptoms, its called WIP.

I hate WIP, which for a quilter is quite a difficulty! I've been swamped under with work recently (not complaining) and very had little time to sew (much complaining). So with the bank holiday looming and a heck of a lot of planning and paperwork working done for a few days at least I am going to be pulling my finger out and cracking on with as much as I can!

First up is my Heather Ross quilt. I am so excited to get this done and be able to use it. After years spent collecting, stashing, swapping, secreting away in special hidden places, and ahem, begging, I am not prepared to wait any longer to use this quilt.

Migraine can do one, I have a pretty quilt top to sew together!

So I loaded it onto the frame last night and I have started to hand quilt it.

Hoping to fit in a little time here today, hand quilting my Heather Ross quilt on the frame.

With very large crosses through each of the 12" blocks, I am calling it naive quilting, because honestly it just sound better than 'quilted in a hurried slapdash manner so I could use it quicker'. But also because I want a nice soft drapey squishy quilt when its all done.

A little hard to see but I'm doing big crosses through each block, im calling it naive quilting!

So with a little masking tape to keep me straightish and a huge ball of cotton perle I shall have this quilt done by the end of the bank holiday! There is also the small matter of binding it, the second sleeve I want to knit to finish my cardigan on the needles and a little treat that's going to keep me busy tomorrow!

Just a teeny bit excited about this one :-)

Hope you all have a productive and happy bank holiday weekend, I'll see you on the other side! Who knows I may actually find time to take real photos with a real camera instead of using grainy instagram ones!


Kerry Wilkinson said...
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pennydog said...

Have fun with that! My bank holiday plan is to finish stitching down applique and make a lovely quilt back so I can send it to you for basting!

Charlotte said...

I would love a frame for hand quilting! SOOOO envious!

Flying Blind... said...

The quilt will be amazing!!
Enjoy the printing xxx

Archie the wonder dog said...

That quilt is gorgeous! Enjoy the hand quilting, even if you are going to have to go at breakneck speed to achieve your deadline!

Catherine said...

Its looking fabulous

Nessa said...

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And here is her blog post about it too: