Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Simple Makes for Grand Gestures

Both my girls are leaving their schools this week, it has been a week of tears and emotion!

It felt only right that I should make gifts for both of the girls to give. Seeing as Eloise's teacher was having her first baby and that she has ferried my daughter around to countless out of school sports events when I was busy and couldn't make it I felt a special gift was required, a quilt.

Then I got to thinking, while I was making one baby quilt surely it wouldn't take much longer to make a second. And so it was decided rather than making a whole mountain of gifts for the army of preschool helpers Juliette will be leaving, the pre-school would also get a quilt gift. One to put on the sofa in the quiet corner, for sleepy new little children in September and those not moving unto big school.

It seemed just the perfect excuse to break out my rainbow charms that I have been saving for probably a good two years now (does anyone remember those charm swaps I organised - they were all the rage in 2012 ha!) I added a few more from my stash to make up the numbers.

Going rainbow for the teacher gift....daughter is not only moving teacher but leaving the school and teacher is having first baby. Knew those rainbow charm swaps would be useful one day!

A little late night organising along with some quick chain piecing later and I was quilting before I knew it.

Quilting a rainbow this morning

Volia, two simple but lovingly made cheerful quilts, to leave behind happiness where my children once were.

Rainbow finishes drying on the line. Teacher gifts are done!

I'm off to find the tissues again, and stock up for the smallest one's last day tomorrow too!

Quilt Stats:

Small cascading rainbow quilt:

42 rainbow 5" charm squares
27"x31" aprox
Pieced wadding, but mostly 70/30 eco blend
Ikea Numbers Duvet backing
Citron sketch binding
Quilted in crosshatch through the squares, Gutermann 12wt cotton in variegated rainbow

Large cascading rainbow quilt:

56 rainbow 5" charm squares
31"x36" aprox
Pieced wadding, but mostly 70/30 eco blend
Unkown Pirate Map backing
Scrappy rainbow binding
Echo quilted 1/4" either side of charm squares with Gutermann 40wt in pale blue


Pam said...

I like simple quilts that show the fabrics, the cascading colours are very eye catching. I am sure that they will be most welcome

Sarah said...

beautiful. tempted tohost another rainbow charm swap? lol

Archie the wonder dog said...

Two gorgeous quilts, I'm sure they'll be loved!

Cherie said...

I love these!!! You can't go wrong with rainbow!!

Charlotte said...

awwww, what a lovely idea!

Claire Corry said...

They are so beautiful hope the girls enjoy their last day. Xx

Nicky said...

Great idea and I still have lots of mine!

Katy Cameron said...

Excellent gifts :o)