Monday, 7 July 2014

Sunshine Stitchery Volume 2

Hot on the heels of my gauzy Tova is my 'pretend I'm on a tropical beach sipping cocktails from a coconut shell' skirt!


When I picked up this fabric I knew I had to have it, its difficult to say exactly what it is because there was no label at the shop but I would call it a digitally printed poly silk. It was a steal at £4.99 a metre, so two metres came home with me! 

I had already decided what to make the moment I spied it, Simplicity 2698. I have already made one of these, in precious Melody Miller arrows (that I must get around to sharing on the blog!) and loved the fit, although I did make quite a few alterations to the pattern!


I made a size 12 (eur 38) using yoke D and skirt H with the box pleats and pockets. I altered the shape of the pockets to give me a deeper curved finish, and omitted the box pleat on the middle of the back skirt section (no need to make my derrière appear any larger with fullness there!)

I also lengthened the skirt to almost floor length, and fully lined it.


The poly silk was like working with water! It was so fluid I knew my lining would have to be also or it would spoil that lovely billowing drape.


I also used twill tape to strengthen the waistline and underlined the waistband with lining fabric rather than interfacing.


Now all I need is a ticket for a hot destination to wear my skirt....and perhaps some cotton to sew with after all that slippery fabric!


Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Totally gorgeous skirt! Hot bod too! ;)

Lynz said...

Swit-swoo! Heeeeey, sexy lay-day! *gangnam dance* Great skirt, could do with something like it for my hols - but I might head for New Look on account of not having sewn a garment for over 20 years!

Charlotte said...

what, no pointing into the middle distance? Amateur!

Claire Corry said...

Gorgeous love that skirt. You look great too, you are inspiring me to get running.

Sarah said...

gorgeous sweetie

Cindy said...

Look at you stylin' at the beach! Looking fab, missus :) I love that you gave us detail RE the alterations - that was super interesting to me. Thanks!

Jo Robertson (thejoyofthehousetomyself) said...

Looks fab. Perhaps you should wear that outfit to the shop next time.

Nicky said...

You look stunning ! Charlotte's right! Teehee! Gorgeous woman gorgeous skirt!

Katy Cameron said...

Very elegant missus!