Friday, 28 October 2011

Fantastic 50 and a broken camera!

Whoooooo I've got 50 followers (probably back down to about 40ish after that childish outburst of celebration!)

I don't know why it matters to me, but it does, so thanks every one of you for following me.

Today my post will be rather un-interesting owing to the total breakup of one rather important SD card. See without it I cant take pictures, I may have a super swanky expensive camera sitting on the sideboard (which I have no clue how to use other than point and press the button, which is clearly evident in my photos!) but  with an SD that has a big crack down the middle its no use to me!

I will share a few old photos and tease you will projects to come!

I had done my Bright Star FMQ for Cindy's Free Motion Friday last week when the camera was still working, yay, but no, I did not take pictures at the time so I cant share! Doh!

I got a super lightening fast parcel from U-Handbag yesterday. I must big them up massively! Ordered on mid-morning Wednesday, arrived Thursday morning and made purses by Thursday evening, phew! I will defiantly be ordering again. I am a little against the clock at the moment with my first Christmas Market just over a week away so Its full steam ahead here at Patch HQ to make stock. Hopefully I can share some pictures soon as I'm really proud of my first frame purses :)

Last weekend I had a little break from stock-making, which can get rather dull, and did some pattern testing for Cecilia over at So Tei-Tei, if you haven't been over there go and check out her blog, she has some really cute patterns! I tested the Ben and Mia pants for her on my two girls

I made a cute red velour pair for Jools all ready for Christmas parties. She may be a girl but she certainly needs something practical, girly party dresses don't cut the mustard and these pants are perfect. They are a lovely wide fit, I love the piping detail on the pockets and the buttons on the belt loops


The pattern was so easy to put together and follow, I had these done in a couple of hours. The other great bit is they are really economical with fabric.

Well that is unless you let your 6 year old choose her own fabric. I have a feeling I may have made a pair of trousers that will never be worn! I did question her when she picked it out, but she was insistent that was what she wanted. So, I made them up and presented them to her and I got 'oh' in return! I don't think she likes the fabric after all. In her own words 'they look like I'm going to a 60's revial'!!!

Still, it proved that the pattern works just as well for a lightweight fabric. I can totally see this made up in a ditsy cotton floral for the summer with a vest top. And I did manage to get one picture of her reluctantly modelling them!

Why not pop over to Lily Bird Studio and see what other patterns Cecilia has, there is even a giveaway going on at the moment!

Don't forget there is still time to vote in the Scrap Bag Challenge for your favorites!

Disclaimer: I was given the above mentioned pattern to test free of charge. I received no other product or monitory compensation. All opinions are mine and mine alone and are unbiased


Katy Cameron said...

Yep, I do love the speed at which U-Handbag posts stuff out, can't wait to see the finished results. If you want a replacement card, 7dayshop or Pixmania do amazingly good deals at far less than Jessops charges.

Sheila said...

Hope you don't have a 3rd breakdown this week....

Flying Blind... said...

Oh crap about the SD card - fancy pants tho'!

Annabella said...

Congrats on the followers - watch out because from 50 onwards things tend to speed up fast. You`ll hit 100 quicker than you did the first 50. Love the fancy pants.

Nicky said...

Congrats on the 50 people clever and discerning enough to follow you Emily (Yes I am one hehe)! Great pants and hope you get clicking away soon with a new card! We want to see all those things you are teasing us by mentioning ! U-handbags are ACE!

Sarah said...

Love the fancy pants! Red velour especially... so cool!

susan said...

Sorry for commenting so late - trying to catch up on my blog reading! Congrats on the 50 followers. Very well deserved and I am sure there are many, many more to come in the near future. Hope you get the camera problem sorted soon. And great pair of trousers!