Friday, 21 October 2011

this blog post will read like the 6 o'clock news.....

...with lots of stories to tell, some of them you will be interested in, most I suspect you will not!

Firstly, the reason why I have been so absent this week:

Yes that's my eldest girl off to her school Halloween disco, no she is not ill, its face paint and yes, she has grown up faster than I can comprehend!

We have been busy this week putting together her outfit. I've also re-discovered what it is like to have a social life! I have been out no less than three evenings this week and another planned for tomorrow, oh my. Bring-a-dish Italian Dinner at a friends house on Monday night, Hosting the Meet and Make workshop on Wednesday night then an Ice-cream and foot spa night at one of my Besties last night.

All this gallivanting about has left little time for sewing. I did however have a major score last weekend. My wonderful husband took both the girls out on Saturday and Sunday leaving me to sew to my hearts content, and boy I did! I made a start on my Modern Christmas Table Runner for the Swap on Saturday and by Sunday I was all done!

I tell you what, I hope my partner loves it more than anything in the whole world because I am so mega mega pleased with this one. I think it is quite possibly the best thing I have ever made, I am in love with it.

In order to make the separation process easier I quickly made up an ornament to go with it today and got it wrapped and in its packet pronto before I could think of stashing it in some secret place behind the sofa for myself!

Another finish this week was my Sew Happy Geek Swap item, a wall hanging. This was a strange process for me, because I was trying so hard to make it perfect for my partner I went right out of my comfort zone and don't actually like the result! I do hope that means that I've got it just right for my partner, not that it is awful!

This too is sitting patiently in a jiffy bag, waiting for the mailing date.

With 2 big jobs crossed off my list I moved onto my weekly fix of free motion quilting, courtesy of Cindy's Free Motion Friday! This week we had to practice slate tiles. This is what it should look like

And this is what mine did look like: 

the back is not so great, I forgot to trim my threads at the start and one got pulled about but other than then just a very slight tension issue.

Whilst I was on a roll I had a go at next weeks 'Bright Star' but I will save that for next week ;-)

I seemed to get into a real productive run after that with a few makes for Christmas

The little hoop is inspired by one over at OCD and the stocking tutorial is over at Diary of a Quilter.

Lots of news too in the Christmas Fabric Swap department. With 22 of the 28 fabrics here I am sure it wont be long before I can send them back out. It seems that being a swap host can be quite a sweet number, that I never realised. My pal/partner for the goodie swap Nicky is a gem, not only did she send me her beautiful fabric but she also sent me this awesome mug rug!

She is rather clever isn't she! I am also one super lucky lady! I think know I actually went EEEEEEeeeeeppppp when I opened her parcel. Not only that but another wonderfully lovely present from Helen, a scrumptious lip balm (that lady must know I have the driest lips ever in winter)

I am certainly being spoilt, I thought all the work of organising the swap would be made worthwhile with a bounty of lovely fabric at the end, I never dreamed I would get presents too!

And in final news.... I seem to be having a design block when it comes to my Brit Quilt Pillow Fight swap! I had run up a test pillow top with a Dresden plate but I'm just not sure its right for my partner. Perhaps too autumnal?

So I thought Id make the most of that productive streak and have another go today. I was feeling in the mood for festiveness and saw this tutorial on Diary of a Quilter and used it as a jumping off point. Only problem is I appear to have made a festive ships wheel! Oh crikey, that is the least flakiest looking snowflake I have ever seen!

Back to the drawing board AGAIN, for the third time, that is unless by some miracle my partner likes festive ship's wheels??!!


Irene said...

Gorgeous slate tiles. Lovely Christmas stuff too.

Sheila said...

Whoaaa Emily, how many hours in one of your days?? Your tablerunner is scrumptious, love the stamping on the back. Love the little hoop ornaments and if I am your partner I also rather like the Christmas ship's wheel!

Nicky said...

Busy, busy Emily - no wonder you were so quiet! Glad you like the little deer and I absolutely love your tablerunner but guess I can't hog you all to myself on every swap! Humph! Love everything including the wheel !

Flying Blind... said...

I take it all back, if going out makes you this productive, I need to get out more!!
Love the the 'best tree ever' hoop!
Are you sure your partner doesn't live on a barge? Shame, it looks great

Katy Cameron said...

Wow, I only wish I was this productive, and I have neither kids nor husband! Mind you if I got off here... ;o)

Love all your creations but, um, yeah, that's a festive ship's wheel. A very nice ship's wheel, but, a ship's wheel nonetheless!

Enjoy all your partying :o)

susan said...

Love everything,but especially the hoop! You are producing at a remarkable rate!

mammafairy said...

What a busy week, well done you.

Love all your Christmas makes, they are wonderful.
and your tiles look really good as well. Brill.

Pat said...

Wow, what productivity! I love all of your work. I love to FMQ, but I really struggle with straight lines. They always seem to go wobbly and get wrinkles. Both you FM and straight line look great!.

Manda said...

Wow thats a lot of stuff!
Great tiles!
Love the table runner and the wall hanging is gorgeous!!

Alli said...

I love your table runner! The front is so cute and I really like the way you labeled the back. :)

Hehe, festive ship's wheel.

Sarah said...

LOVE the table runner, could I be lucky enough to be your partner again? And although the colours are not my tast I think you've done a super job with the wall hanging. And those ornaments are super cute...

Rebecca Lynne said...

Wow this was an intense blog post! Let's see...the witch rocks...haha...I love that she coordinates with your Sew Happy Geek sewing (which btw I love the stamp on in the post below). The Tablerunner is gorgeous and is that another stamp I see on its back? And yay for FMQ! I need to cut my back threads too...would probably make life a bit easier in the end wouldn't it. Thanks for reminder!

Jodi B. said...

I was checking out your blog to see your free motion quilting, which is lovely. But I can't get over your cute Christmas crafts! Love the modern table runner & best tree ever. Nice.
Jodi B

Catherine said...

where does all your time come from, you have been so busy! I am soooo hoping that I am your swap partner and your fanstasic table runner will live on my table.

Annabella said...

So much to love in this post - your daughter looks incredibly good in quite a scary way, I love love love love your tablerunner so hoping it`s heading my way, and your slate tiles are looking great. What a productive week. You should go out more often!

Judith, Belfast said...

I really like the flakey wheel! And your table runner is awesome - love it! Great makes, Jxo

Cindy said...

There is so much here that rocks! As you know, I love your table runner. Love it front and back. Your FMQ is spectacular! Can't wait to see your star, you over achiever you. Nicky's mug rug is so cool. Luck you :) I like your snow flake a whole lot! What a week for you - no time to be social, keep stitching. You're on a roll :)