Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Fingers on your buzzers!

So voting is now open for the Scrap Bag Challenge!

You can hop over to Sarah at Pings and Needles now and nominate your choice, if you have managed to decided from all the wondrous makings!

I'm super excited to see who wins, its been so great taking part. A huge thanks to Sarah for organising the challenge!

I also wanted to take a moment to give a huge thank you to all the lovely people who comment on or read my blog, I'm still stupefied that anyone would be interested in my ramblings! I read each and every one of your comments and try to reply to as many as possible when little miss patch gives me time! I find it incredibly motivating to receive your comments, I certainly wouldn't be sewing at the level I am today without all your encouragement so merci buckets! ;-)
Ive been having a super social day today catching up with a lovely friend from University. We took my girls to a pottery painting studio and they loved it! So did we, must not leave it so long next time!

I finished up my impromptu Christmas cushion the other day, having a practice run at an invisible zip for my Brit quilt pillow swap. Not bad but will hopefully be better for the main run!

Ahoy, its that ships wheel again!!!

I love the way that because I have literally stuffed an 18" feather pillow form into a 15.5" pillow its made my stippling show up rather interestingly. I'm really liking the little 'puffs' in the 'pockets' of the stippling (is anyone making sense of this!)

And the super bonus to fiddling with nasty zips, I get a back I can use as a front. So in fact my Christmas cushion can be used all year! My mother-in-law gave me this fabric years ago, loads of it. At the time I hated it to be honest! Now though, I cannot get enough of it and sadly I only have a tiny piece left. Funny how we change like that!

(p.s I apologise for the liberal swinging from using pillow to cushion in this post, can you tell im a tad confused, or Americanised!)


Flying Blind... said...

Cushion cushion cushion... or pillow xxx

Katy Cameron said...

Cushion... until you need an afternoon nap on the sofa, and have to rest your head on it, then it's a pillow ;o)

Annabella said...

Cushion!! Why isn`t it The Brit Quilt Cushion Swap if it is British? Just wondering. Just off to vote now in the scrap challenge.

Nicky said...

Lovely cushion Emily! You are zipping yours then - can't see anything wrong with your zip at all so it should be full steam ahead for the swap!

Elly D said...

Lovely cushion :) and great job on the side zip. I like that it gives you two looks for the price of one.
Cushion/Pillow? I caught myself the other day referring to my handbag as a purse!!! LOL... oh well we know what we mean eh?