Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A birthday and a quilt finish to boot!

Happy happy birthday to my wonderful, amazing beautiful daughter, you've made me proud and happy every minute of the last 7 years and I am so lucky.

And because of that I made you this

What you say is that?! Why its a chocolate Caterpillar of course! With little chocolate mice for feet. Ok, so I know where my strengths lie, which is why I sew for a living instead of making cake sculptures!

Last week I managed to finish up my Giant Starflower Quilt and finally got some sunshine to photograph it in today, it is amazing how much you can 'do' when your sewing machine is broken!

Quit Stats:

Vintage starflower
Made with vintage sheets/pillowcases
quilted with wavey lines
1 layer of 80/20 batting
Bound in vintage sheet by machine.


Flying Blind... said...

I adore the quilt!
I expect the cake 'tasted' nice though ;) xxx

Sheila said...

I certainly wouldn't turn down a piece of that cake!

Fiona said...

That cake looks delicious, and I love your quilt too x

Kelly said...

Love the quilt and the cake looks better than my last attempt ;)
Happy birthday to your daughter, aquarians rock!!

Katy Cameron said...

Both the cake and the quilt look yummy!

Sarah said...

Oooh with that much chocolate I'm sure caterpillar tasted delicious!

Cindy said...

Aw! Look at your little caterpillar! It's adorable :) It's so clear that it's one proud mama making that cake for her little love. Well done, E!

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

The quilt is beautiful!! So pretty. The cake on the other hand, hahahaha, sorry!!!

Lizzie Allen said...

Any cake with chocolate in or on it will go down will with the little people (and me!). The quilt does look vintage. Love the vintageness.

Catherine said...

that cake looks yummy! I must get on with my giant star quilt as well. Yours looks fantastic

Nicky said...

My baking skills leave a lot to be desired unless you want flat things - biscuits are ok, cakes too flat!

Your caterpillar is yummy though - excuse for chocolate or what!

That is one cute quilt though - am really loving that block !