Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines to Me...and you!

So I have been busy locked away with my sewing machine, getting some head-way on the swap items and QAL's as I really felt I was falling behind whilst she was being repaired.

FTLOS Wonky Star Wall Organiser and Mini Fabric Tray

It is a great feeling to get a task completed but this wasn't satisfying enough for me! I was working in (hopefully) my partners style and I had the itch to make something for myself. So last night whilst the girls were enjoying some late night half-term playtime I grabbed an hour on the machine and made myself this

I must admit the desgin isn't mine, I saw an applique picture like this on the Saints and Pinners Facebook page just before Christmas and fell in love, it is based on Aneela Hoeys design. Unfortunately I cannot trace Jo Underwood who stitched the picture to give her credit. I hope neither she or Aneela mind but I just had to have this in my life! It is now sitting on my mantle making me happy and cheerful on Valentines day.

I also had time to run up a little owl decoration for my little girl who thinks that everyone should receive gifts and cards on Valentines day. When we went to bed last night my husband and I found our pillows stuffed with homemade cards from her, cutest!

Happy Valentines everyone!


Flying Blind... said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you too.
Love the AH-inspired stitchery x

Nicky said...

Lovely things you have made Emily - bound to please your partner! Love your little girl on the swing - bring on summer!

Little girls can be very cute to receive from and give to!

Sarah said...

Oh your partners bound to be happy! Wee girl on swing is really cute too :-) Sounds like your wee lass is a total cutie too!

Kelly said...

Love your mini!! Glad to see your getting back into teh swing of things with your machine.

Judith, Belfast said...

Your solids colours are lovely together! Cute wee makes too esp. your stitchery pic. Jxo

Cindy said...

Happy Valentine's to you too! Loving the little applique block - she's great!

Katy Cameron said...

Aww, love all your stitchy goodness

susan said...

Happy Valentines Day to you too! Love that pillows stuffed with cards. Too sweet! And your stitching is beautiful.

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Happy Valentines! Love the cute picture, adorable!
How cute is your daughter?! Mine's a minx - wanna swap?! ;)