Saturday, 4 February 2012

Rainbow Charm Swap Space Avaliable


There is a space available in round one of the Rainbow Charm swap. Here is just a small selection of the prints in this round, you can see more in the flikr group here.

If you fancy some of these fantastic charms then all you need to do is get yourself a meter of orange fabric, cut it into 56 5" charm squares and send it to me. If you are interested in the space please comment below (make sure to leave your email if you are a no-reply blogger) 

I am looking for someone who can send their fabric pretty much immediately as all the other ladies have sent in their charms and are waiting for me to send them back out. Unfortunately some-one has dropped out at the last minute and I will be looking to fill this space quickly.

Perhaps you could be the lucky person who ends up with a happy stack of rainbow charms?!


memmens said...

I've just checked my stash for a metre of orange and have none! Otherwise I would have helped you out - hope it's fixed quick.

Sarah said...

I could get to my LQS today or Monday and post to you on Monday or tuesday - even with spots in round 2, I've been coveting the fabric in round 1!
Let me know x

susan said...

I cannot wait to get this fabric. That little mosaic you did just whets my appetite! Of course I have to wait until round two is all in as well, but that's okay. It is going to be so worth it. Thanks for all your hard work Emily!

Sarah said...

Glad you got the space filled so quickly!