Thursday, 15 March 2012

Germs should not be shared....

I am a great believer in instilling good manners and behaviour in my children, sharing is one of these.

However, germs are the exception. On this occasion I will not be praising my daughter for sharing her germs with me! I have been up for 4 hours and used up two whole toilet rolls and half a box of tissues (emergency shop run purchase!)  on my nose already!

Today's post will be short, full of photos, snot and self pity!

Tuesday - Another pleated boxes pillow for my Mum for mothers day. Sew-Along instructions can be found here.

Tuesday - A Black Apple Doll for Eloise, a get well dolly from Mummy to daughter, it seemed to do the trick except now I have to make another for Juliette!

March 1st - My Bordered Star block for the March Queen in the Stash Bee (posted out today which reminded me I hadn't blogged it!
 I loved trying out this great block, I hope it sits well in the quilt for Cindy. I used fabric I won in the Fugly Fabric Party from Kelli at Small Town Stitcher. I love the thought that fabric I won from the US came to the UK to be made into a block to go back to the US to be part of a QOV! It was also a big leap into paper piecing for me, I can't wait to try more now.

Wednesday - Started a Mini Eye-Spy quilt for my new baby nephew.
Juliette had a lovely time testing it out before I had even finished making the top. I had the top sewn up in less than an hour and the quilting done in 2 hours last night, I must have known these germs were coming to me! Binding will have to wait, I have a new order to snot work on.

Finally, great news - the final charms arrived for round 2 of the rainbow charm swap, they will be out in the post in the next few days, check the flikr group for more information. I'll get a photo as soon as I can put the tissue down!


Lucy @ Charm About You said...

All utterly gorgeous! beautiful cushion and cute doll. The p.p. star looks incredible and great use of the fugly fabric!
Really hope you're all better very soon :) xx

Katy Cameron said...

Bleurgh, told you you should have smothered her with that cushion lol Love your new cushion and bee block, good luck with your next project (passes virtual 12 pack of bog roll) and yay for the postie finally finding those charms!

Nicky said...

Poor you Emily - just make sure the snot doesn't land on the fabric! Well done for achieving so much and such lovely things - especially the star - yes do more pp!

Mrs A. said...

Love your pin tucked piillow and the colour combination on your star patchwork is stunning. Hope you feel better soon.
Higs Mrs A.

Sarah said...

So many lovely things - love the star, it's next on my paper piecing list.

Hope you feel better soon

Flying Blind... said...

Oh get well soon to you - think I passed my grotty throat to mine :(

Ann said...

Oh dear, hope you get rid of those germs soon. Love the pleated patch pillow - I've not seen this before. Your Mum will be delighted!