Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Last one to the party......

So a while ago Sarah caught me in her net, I'd like to say I was a beautiful mermaid with long flowing hair and a sparkly rainbow tail, in reality I think I am an undersized flounder!

Here is everything you need to know about me.....

I don't need to blame any one for my public farts...I do not fart, I am a lady.

My favourite TV theme tune is In the Night Garden, because it means that its almost bedtime and therefore 'me' time!

On my mix tape I have some Black Box, a bit of Wham, some Johnny Cash and Billie Holiday. Perhaps some Girls Aloud and even a couple of Aretha Franklin and I will be giving it to a psychiatrist because clearly I have musical schizophrenia!

Neither Roller boots or roller blades, I value my life too much!

If a cushion is a pillow then a pillow is obsolete and also talking to my psychiatrist about its abandonment issues!

My Dr is either Matt Smith or David Tennant, call me fickle but anything older than that and you are creeping into my childhood era. That makes the earlier doctors just strange old men if you ask me.

If I don the ruby slippers and click my heels I am going to end up as Judy Garland, with a beautiful singing voice and power to instigate spontaneous singing and dancing in public crowds!

My fabric softener is 'value' fragrance, it is cheap and my washing smells of cotton and fresh air (when I get it on the line) not overly perfumed formulated fragrance which is just the way I like it.

I like them each and every which way they come. Young and firm or old and soft I don't mind as long as they are covered in cream and chocolate sauce ;-)

F**k knows why a raven is like a writing desk......hang on while I use my default method for solving problems I don't know the answer

watching my dog eat up our chickens poop...can you guess the question?!

So that is all, all you ever needed to know about me huh?! And after all that you won't want to know anymore hehehe!


Nicky said...

I am sure you are a lovely mermaid! Thanks for the info - and still looking forward to meeting you in June!

Isisjem said...

Too funny - and you're spot on about Doctor who and the creepy old men thing lol

Flying Blind... said...

Brilliant x

Cherie said...

Too funny! Love the fact you left out the questions! =D

susan said...

Fabulous insight! I take it you replied to this moments after the theme tune played but before you regained your equilibrium. ;-)

Congratulations on 100 followers too!

Sarah said...

LOL Brilliant post :-) Really enjoyed it, thank you sweetie x

Katy Cameron said...

Heh, I haven't quite got to mine yet, I'm plotting ;o)