Friday, 30 March 2012

Sssshh don't tell but I have something to celebrate!

So a few days ago the lovely Susan pointed out to me that I had passed a rather celebratory milestone, 100 followers!

And then today a timely parcel arrived from Indie,

How cool?!

 I am sure she could whip you some up if you ask her! Today I had a lovely friend visiting, we went to University together but don't often get to spend time together. She doesn't do much sewing but that didn't stop me dragging her into my sewing room to play with the new fabric. In no time at all we had cut 3 pouches and sewn up two. 

Then I had to drop my friend back to the station and found a little time when I got back to sew up the last one (my one)

So I sent one home with my friend as her Easter gift

She picked the fabrics and how she wanted them set out and I sewed that little beauty of a pouch up. I sent her off home with the suggestion that she should immediately fill it with a bag of mini creme eggs!

I also made one for myself out of the DS scraps left from my Sew.Happy.Geek QAL.

Who is the third one for I hear you ask?.....Maybe you!

I have an almost Jubilee Britannia colour theme going on with this one, it was my test pouch and the zip ends are no where near perfect on this one, but if you love it it can be yours.

As a special thank you to all my lovely followers I am going to send this to one of you, I just ask one small favour. Leave a comment below, I'd like to know a quilt pattern you recommend for using up charm squares. I seem to have an abundance of rainbow charms (can't think how that came about) and want a good pattern to use them up.

The pouch is only on offer to my current followers, I'd love it if you are new here and want to start following me but I am not doing this as a means of gaining new followers but a way of thanking those who have been with me over the last few months.

Phew, that felt good - what with all the sickness in our house I haven't sewn in over a week, I'm glad I got it out of my system! Hoping for a little more sewing time this weekend and perhaps even a trip to the local quilt festival if I can persuade my husband ;-)


I will leave the comments open until Thursday 5th April 9pm my time, then I will draw a winner at random. Good luck!


Sarah said...


Charm square patterns - I was originally going to do this one:
But then I joined Round 1 as well now I've got even more charms I'm planning on doing this one:
I love how versatile the block is with so many potential layouts.

Nicky said...

How about this one?

susan said...

Yea for 100 well deserved followers. Proud to be one of them. I plan on doing Ellison Lane's starflower pattern (I think that's the name) with my rainbow charms.

Celtic Thistle said...

Congratulations on reaching 100 followers!

Elizabeth Hartman's Planetarium quilt in her book The Practical Guide to Patchwork would make a sizeable dent in your charm square stash!

Annabella said...

Firstly I have a huge apology to make to you Emily - I posted you something long overdue today which I forgot to send home with my mum!! I`m sooooo sorry. Secondly, congrats on 100 followers and love the Americana feel of that pouch. It`s not so much a pattern but Drunkard`s Paths are a great use of charm squares - if you look at the tutorials and grab the template here it`s really easy. Good luck!

Flying Blind... said...

Congratulations honey - the purses are all awesome!!

I used all my rainbow charms on my Made In Cherry star,it was a fun one to make!

Gill said...

I would suggest the ring of flying geese but I can't remember where the pattern but I'm sure if you google it.......!

Gemma said...

Lovelovelove e pouches!
Can't help with a charm pack pattern unfortunately - I need some too!

Cherie said...

Those pouches are awesome!! Would you mind telling me how you made them?

I've seen a few charm tutorials and pictures of charm quilts here are some I bookmarked

Hope you get some inspiration from those =D

Katy Cameron said...

Oh I love that typewriter fabric, will definitely be checking out that link!

As for patterns, I might not be the best to ask as I'm winging it with mine lol I use my charms in all sorts of projects, in fact most recently I was using them in a rainbow road improv curve pattern from the Curves class that Rachel at Stitched in Colour ran.

Congrats on your first century!

Cindy said...

Congratulations! Happy 100th.

I have a pattern that is catching my eye, but I haven't tried it. It would be perfect for rainbow charms, I think :)

helenjanei said...

Congrats on hitting the 100!
I love that fabric, I'm such a typography geek :-) I'm thinking of using this pattern with my rainbow square...


Rhonda D. said...

Whenever I have extra charm squares, I use them with my
lil' Twister template. I have
been one of your happy followers.
So glad I found you. Congrats
on getting 100.

Sana Saroti said...

Love the pouches and that fabric that Indie made herself!
I am in a huge 5-yard charm swap right now and i am thinking about either making the cherry star (I totally love Hayley's version) or something like this:

Jenelle said...

Congrats! I have two charm packs of Loulouthi that I am planning on sewing into HST's with a quilter's linen. I haven't decided what configuration to lay the HSTs in yet, but I am leaning towards a large diamond. Have fun playing with your charms!

Sarah Lou said...

Congratulations! The pouches are brilliant, I love the fabric.

I'm using this pattern for my Half Modern Moon squares:
with the squares arranged in a rainbow, but I imagine that might be too simple for you.

I also really like this:

mammafairy said...

Hi lovey!The pouches are super, I have just seen the sweetest drunkards path offering on someone elses blog, and was thinking of using my charms for something like that!
Look at
it is so pretty! and charms should work well in that.
Or consider Cathedral windowing with them, though that is a lot of work!