Monday, 2 April 2012

Sewing to make you warm and fuzzy

What a wonderful weekend I had, I hope you did to!

Saturday brought an unexpected surprise. My daughter had a friend to sleep-over and we ended up having an impromptu sewing lesson. Her mum had only asked a couple of weeks before about arranging some beginner lessons for her but this was totally unplanned. If it had been planned I may have panicked about letting a minor loose on my precious machine and not enjoyed it so much ;-)

Not wanting to change a winning formula we made another pouch, this time a smaller purse size. She picked the fabrics and fussy cut, helped with the rotary cutting and aside from a brief demonstration did all the stitching herself with a little assistance.

I think she is going to be a natural!

Here she is with her creation, very proud!

The finished purse
Not wanting to be left out my daughter spent the time I was sewing with her friend busy sketching a design for her own pouch, which she wants to give to her school teacher. She also showed a blatant disregard for the limit of my skills and chose to make an egg shaped pouch. Cue me panicking about putting in a curved zip!

We did it!
She chose a fabric that is somewhat reminiscent of a psychedelic speckled egg, heaven knows how it got into my stash!

After all that fun we made pancakes and gingerbread men and rounded out the day with a very wholesome walk in the woods by a tumble down castle, ah perfect!

On Sunday I threw away all plans of a day by myself at the local quilt show in favour of more warm fuzzy feelings. I had come across this the previous evening and before I knew what my fingers where doing I was jumping in with both feet.

Lynne over at Lilys Quilts has done an amazing job rounding up many talented quilters (I'm excluding myself from that comment haha!) with the aim of making 50 quilts by the summer for the children of Siblings Together to take home from their camp to remember their experience by. Siblings Together brings together children separated by the care system. Having 2 siblings myself I know how special the bond is and was immediately moved by the work of the charity. I have pledged to make 2 quilts, possibly 3! But wanted to do something immediately to get the ball rolling so I made a few blocks for the group projects.

First up were some simple log cabins, although I must have had my sleepy Sunday head on as I kept getting the configuration wrong!

Then I moved onto a granny square, I only had enough white solid left for one of these, good job too as I could have spent all day making them, I am hooked! I had to get this one packed up as soon as I finished it or I would have had a hard time parting with it.

If you want to help head over to the flikr group here. You don't need to make a whole quilt you could make a few blocks, donate some fabric or wadding or backing. Perhaps even offer to put together a quilt from a top for someone who doesn't have the time. Anything will help.

Having topped up my warm and fuzzy feel good level to the brim I became wonder woman for the rest of the day. I grabbed my Sew.Happy.Quilt top and set to basting, quilting, binding and burying thread and had a finished quilt by 10pm last night! She is in the wash and I'm hoping to get her dry today to snap some pics before we loose the sun for the rain tomorrow!


Catherine said...

sounds like the perfect weekend to me!

Sarah said...

You'll be top venue of choice for sleepovers now! Sounds like great fun :-)

Nicky said...

I am sending my kids to you now!

Well done - good to get a couple of converts!

Katy Cameron said...

Wonder woman indeed! Although I did choke on my smoothie when I got the the psychadelic egg part... ;o)

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

how cute! Clearly you're an excellent teacher :)

Annabella said...

That`s so cute Emily - well done for sharing the warm and fuzzy feeling around!

Flying Blind... said...

My kids can hitch a ride with Nicky's!
You are a brave lady!

Izzy said...

That sounds like so much fun! My 14 year-old daughter tried sewing, but in the end, she told me she really doesn't like it at all! :-(

susan said...

I'm not sending my kids to you. I am coming to play myself.