Thursday, 5 April 2012

Another day, another quilt and a winner!

I seem to be churning out quilts this week, good job too as I've put myself down for at least a couple for the Siblings Together quilt project.

This was a very quick little quilt/play mat for my new nephew who was born 6 weeks early!

I got the top pieced, basted and quilted in an evening. Then the poor quilt sat in the studio like a lost child, waiting for its binding. See, I had decided to be a Smarty Pants and do curved corners (talk about a contradiction in words) so I just had to have bias binding. My normal straight cut binding wasn't going to make it around those bends. So I fidgeted and got all worked up about having to go and buy some yardage just so I could cut it on the bias to bind this tiny little quit. 2 weeks went buy and I was messing about in the fabric cupboard when it jumped out at me

Buried and forgotten (how could I??!!) was this lovely bias binding from Karen at Blonde Design which arrived with her charms as a thank you in the recent charm swap I ran.

I wasted no time, I grabbed the quilt, threw the work I had been doing off the table and got set to binding. When I was done, it went straight from the washing machine, to the dryer whilst I text the un-suspecting new Mummy to arrange to deliver it. It is now in it's new home hopefully being admired and used.

I proudly unveil the mini i-spy quilt!

I've been wanting to try this quilting pattern for ever

Loving my curved corners

Pre-wash quilt label!

Quilt deets:

Mini i-spy quilt
Quilted in spiral
Machine bound with curved corners
Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 batting (1 layer)
Backed in a cotton sheet

now its time for winner winner chicken dinner! I had 17 comments plus Indie emailed me with some suggestions so 18 in total. Mr Random chose no 11, Cindy!

Cindy said:

Congratulations! Happy 100th. 

I have a pattern that is catching my eye, but I haven't tried it. It would be perfect for rainbow charms, I think :)

Congratulations Cindy! I'll be mailing you soon, check your inbox :-)

p.s. did you spot anything different today ;-)


Flying Blind... said...

Wonderful finish!
Congrats to Cindy x

You'll have to tell me the difference - I won't tell anyone!

Katy Cameron said...

Yay, it looks fab, and love the spiral quilting. Have you gone all white on us? Or is that just blogger playing up? :o/

Cherie said...

What a great looking quilt!
Ooo you have a new layout. Love the freshness of it! =D

Nicky said...

Great change!

And you are positively on fire girl! The quilting is amazing.

Next time you could just use bias on the corners - which could be a very small bit of binding ...

tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Parabéns pelo novo,sempre bom mudar.Eu sempre faço arredondados até em colchas,porque não fica perigoso.Tenho uma amiga que tropeçou no caimento da colcha,e levou alguns pontos na testa,ela foi direto na quina do seu guarda-roupa.E acho que em tapetes também seria perigoso pois com certeza levantaria orelhas nos cantos.Um grande beijo e FELIZ PÁSCOA!!.

Linda Coleman said...

love the quilting on the baby quilt Emily and the new blog header is great

Cindy said...

The binding is PERFECT. Great choice.

Loving the quilting too...would you tell me more about how you did that? Just a quick email...or a tute, perhaps? I'm trying to learn and branch out a bit further than my straight lines....

Sana Saroti said...

Love the quilt! Love the rounded corners! Love the spiral quilting! Is it difficult to turn the quilt round and round and round? Love the label!

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Oh Emily that is such a gorgeous baby quilt!! I love everything about it! The binding is so perfect too you couldn't have planned that.
The header looks fabulous and how great is that typewriter print?! x