Sunday, 15 April 2012

2nd Quarter Finish-Along Goals

Wow, why is it that a few 'restful' days away leaves you with a mountain of chores when you return! 

I feel like my to-do list is endless so I am prioritising my finish-along list, leaving off some of the small jobs and not putting everything on here (for fear I may faint!)

1. Make the Siblings Together Quilts from the fabric that Jennifer really kindly sent me to use. I am still blown away by her generosity! The least I can do is make the quilts.

2. Make some more Granny Square blocks for Siblings Together using the white solid that Trudi kindly sent me.

3. Make my Mother-In-Laws 70th birthday present, I am not decided on what to do yet but I love this lamp and possibly another fme bowl to go with it.

4. Make my name badge for my partner in the Fat Quarterly Retreat swap
5. Make up the remainder of the sample swap items for the FQ Retreat (2 made, at least 2 more to do)
6. Get July's Birdie Stitched block finished (part started but ran out of embroidery floss!)

Hopefully an achievable list - it has to be as none of these finishes are really optional!


Liz DandeliondD said...

Wow I just found your blog through the Flikr group for FQ London. I am really hoping to come for the day on the Saturday.

I am loving everything on here. Great inspiration.

So, I am your newest Follower!

I am just trying to get my blog up and running. Its at if you fancy a look.

Kind regards

Sarah said...

Good luck with that sewing list! (love the new blog look by the way)

Canadian Abroad said...

Oh gosh, you have a lot of stuff on! Good luck with it all.

Cherie said...

Of course its achievable! I know you can get it all done on time and it'll all turn out great! =D

Katy Cameron said...

Good luck with the list! I never find restful escapes terribly restful either lol

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

You'll be fine (there's always M&S for the MiL!) x

Nicky said...

You and me both need to get that name tag done!

Good luck with your mission! I am sure you can do it Emily!

Izzy said...

You are going to have a pretty busy quarter! Just take it one item at a time and go down the list! It'll all get done!

Anonymous said...

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Indianna said...

Oh I love the bowl with the lovely little flowers looks so fragile and delicate