Monday, 16 April 2012

Soluble Fabric Bowl Class

Before I went away this week I made the most of my husband being off work and ran off for the morning to play at my friends house!

Liz is an amazingly talented lady, it is down to her that I ever started quilting, she is so inspiring! I find that I almost have to go to her studio with blinkers on or I find myself distracted by all the wonderful projects she has on the go.

I am very comfortable doing fme, it is one of my favourite techniques, I love doing stitched pictures with it but I wanted to see what other applications it can have.

This time we got to grips with soluble film.

We popped our film into an embroidery hoop and using this as inspiration set off!

Once we had finished our embroidery (lots of bobbin changes later!) we dissolved the film in a bowl of warm water and shaped the bowl around a balloon. Then used a hair dryer to set it, you could leave it overnight if you have time. 

Next time I will use a smaller balloon as I'd like higher 'sides' on the bowl but I am still really pleased with how this turned out.

I highly recommend having a go a this, it is so simple and loads of fun, the possibilities are endless!

I am hoping that next time we get together we can make up one of these bowls (bit of a bowl theme going on, but you can never have too many bowls!)

Now all we need to do is source the cotton clothes line in the UK, in the US it is very easy to buy and very cheap - not so much here!


Cindy said...

What a super cool idea! That had to be a great class!

Katy Cameron said...

What a cool idea, love the results too

susan said...

That is just so cool!!!

Annabella said...

That`s amazing - the bowl is really beautiful!!

mammafairy said...

What you need is an old fashioned hardware store, you should be able to buy cotton clothesline by the metre. You may even be able to get it at a DIY megastore- I haven't looked lately.
I know a couple of likely places in the Manchester area- if that might help?

Flying Blind... said...


Cherie said...

Looks rather interesting, never seen the film before! =D

Lisnaweary Quilts said...

That is amazing, such a clever idea!