Wednesday, 18 April 2012

second finish of the quarter!

Wow, if I keep this up I will be done by the end of the month. That is very unlikely however...i'll explain why in a minute.

First of all thanks to the kindness of friends (sewing and quilting folk are SO generous and lovely!) I had the floss I needed to finish this off:

(Boo for drizzly English weather and dark photos!)

So that is my second tick on the finish along list, I have even moved onto the 8th block for August, I am determined to finish this Birdie Stitches quilt this year lol!

Yesterday I managed to find enough odds of thread and finish off the wonky stripes quilt top for Siblings Together. Then I popped out to the local discount store to buy the horrible very reasonable poly wadding to get on and quilt it. They only had 1 roll of 2oz wadding and it was all hard and lumpy, as if it had been over heated and started melting in the bonding process. I told the staff I thought it was faulty but being a discount store they are not bothered and won't be ordering any more in until it runs out. As I cannot afford to buy my usual Hobbs wadding I am a bit stuck now.

My lovely friend Mary is going to 'host' a Siblings Together sewing day on Monday (read as - I am going to Mary's house on Monday to talk a lot, eat some cake and try and get some sewing done!) If we can't source the wadding by then we will spend the day whizzing up blocks with her fabric donated by Celtic Fusion Fabrics.

I cannot wait!


Sarah said...

I've emailed you about wadding :-)

Flying Blind... said...

Oh well done on the embroidery.
Boo to manky wadding!

memmens said...

I have cunning plans and clever tricks (Fantastic Mr Fox I think!)... we're working on a fundraiser...looking forward to Monday.

Katy Cameron said...

Bugger on the icky wadding, but yay on fun sewing days!

Cherie said...

The Birdie block is adorable!! Love that fabric =D

Sarah said...

Shame about the wadding, hope you get something else sorted. Cute birdy block :-)

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

very cute block! I too have resorted to cheap wadding, yuck but needs must! I'll get back to cotton eventually :)
Have a great sewing day!