Sunday, 3 February 2013

the one in which I 'fess up to several quilt finishes

So my lack of blogging recently means I have several quilt finishes that I haven't shown you. Some of which you didn't even know I had started.

I took some (very poor) photos a few days ago when the sun was out so I could share them with you. I think I got them all except the two Christmas quilts I made for the girls - as these are now packed away for next year.

Scrappy trips finished

Scrappy Trips. Finished and on the bed now since about the end of the first week on January. I am really glad I chose to put a dark colour running through the centre of each block, I like the way it highlights the diamond design.

Scrappy trips finished1

Scrappy trips was made entirely from stash, bar the binding which cost me the princely sum of £2.49! Love love love this quilt. So do a few family members so I can see more being made in the future.

Scrappy trips finished back

Backed with half of a duvet passed on from my mother-in-law. Not the most exciting print but I wanted something I already owned and low key for the back....the other half is being used for swoon, bargain!

aneela sampler finished

Next up is my Aneela Quilt, finished before Christmas and I put off blogging because I am finding it really hard to photograph the quilting well!

aneela sampler finished detail

I have lots of favourite spots in this quilt. There is this signature from the Fat Quarterly Retreat last year.

aneela sampler finished quilting detail

The quilting and the swirls and feathers are another of my favourite parts, I spent 3 days quilting this quilt and an insane amount of thread!
aneela sampler finished quilting

I just love free motion quilting, can you tell?!

aneela sampler finished quilting1

The quilting and some of my all time favourite fabrics means that this quilt is my real treasure  one that I would definitely run back into a burning house to save! Huge huge hugest thanks to everyone who helped me make this quilt by sending scraps into me. I still have quite a few left and 'may' have started an Aneela Spiderweb quilt ;-)

scrappy flannel finished

Lastly (see you made it!) my new flannel quilt. I say mine because this is just for me! It is living on my little armchair in the studio and I have already been sitting under it when doing some epp, it is heavenly.

scrappy flannel finished quilting

I have always lusted are a flannel quilt and I won a wonderful box of scraps from Katy, added a couple of half yards from the sale at M is for Make and just pieced the scraps together as I picked them up, no plan other than that. Hey presto, a quilt top!

You can just about see the quilting in this picture at the bottom. I tried an Orla Keily style stem design, along with some wavy lines (because I was tired of the stems, my arms where aching and I was running out of thread!) I am fairly happy with the fmq, especially now it is washed and you cant see my shaky mistakes so much!

scrappy flannel finished back

I splashed out and backed and bound it with my favourite field study print, I would use this leopard in every quilt if I could somewhere!

scrappy flannel finished 1

Thank you Katy for the scraps that got this going, I love this soft snuggly riot of colour!


Canadian Abroad said...

I am absolutely speechless at so many wonderful finishes shown all in one go. You have a wonderful collection of quilts there. Love the way your Aneela quilt turned out. The quilting is fantastic!

linda said...

how wonderful to see these beauties well done they look fab and the flannel one so cosy !!!

Flying Blind... said...

All wonderful!
Your Aneela Crush is gorgeous, and I can imagine how snggly the flannel is.

In awe xxxx

Catherine said...

wow, amazing quilts and the quilting is fantastic

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Love love love them all!! Clever work with the flannel :) You're awesome!

moira said...

fab quilts - i am so impressed. I love the flannel one, especially the mustard coloured strip at the bottom. Lush x

memmens said...

Well done with those stems, great finishes - what's next?!

Tammy said...

Well done, the quilting on your Aneela quilt is amazing and I love your scrappy trip. Well done for hiding your flannel quilt in your studio "my" flannel quilt always ends up wrapped around someone other than me!

Annabella said...

Yoy trippy quilt is gorgeous and I adore Aneela's siggie on her quilt which makes it so special but I really heary your flannel quilt - the fabrics, the colours, the Field Study leopard backing - just beautiful!

Cindy said...

What a great post. Love your Aneela quilt especially :)

Gertie Pye said...

Well they were worth the wait! I love them all - your tripalong is fab, the Aneela quilt is really light and breezy, and I can imagine how cuddly the flannel is. What a fabulous start to the year! Thanks for sharing x

Nikki said...

my goodness what an incredible start to the year! All your quilts look amazing but I have a real weakness for the flannel one, it's gorgeous!

Katy Cameron said...

Love all those finishes, especially the flannel one, great idea with the quilting!

Sarah said...

Well done on all the finishes, You've been a machine! I love the Aneelia quilt, I'm in want now! Your quilting is stunning. Your fmq skills are magnificent. Do you use a domestic machine? Does it come with practice?

Sheila said...

Wow, you have been busy! The Scrappy Trip looks brilliant, and I just love the Aneela one, fab texture.x

Di said...

They are all gorgeous. You have been super busy making and the quilting is just amazing. Di x

Charlotte said...

wowser! What a fab collection of gorgeous things!

Lucinda Miller said...

Came across your photos on Flickr - really like your scrappy trip and the Aneela Hoey sampler is wonderful. The variety of blocks are just great and I have several Aneela Hoey fabrics -- a sampler might be the way I should go with them.

Sarah Lou said...

These are stunning! I love the FMQ, and the thriftyness of the backings :D