Friday, 11 May 2012

I've lost one

Whoops, where did you go?! I know it doesn't really matter but today I noticed I have lost a follower, sorry to see you go, perhaps I have bored you! Well, here is what you are missing!

Zakka Style Sew Along Week 6 - Quilt Magnets

What only 3 you say?! Um, yes, I like the little bit of sanity I have left and I have more important things to do (see below!) than make microscopic pieces of fabric into mini quilty magnets. That said they are SO CUTE I may just find the will to make the other 3 over the weekend. I have a great tip for sourcing the magnets, I brought magnetic photo 'paper'. It is actually like thick card, and it cost me just £1 for 2 A4 sheets in the local 'pound' shop (where oddly enough not many things are a pound!). So I actually have enough to make about a gazillion more if I wish.

Friendship Star


Offset Log Cabin

I used some beautiful Liberty fabric, purchased here from Very Berry Fabrics, Ali's new venture. I brought a pack of 20 4" charms and used less than one charm for these magnets, very economical. Postage was free and the selection of prints are all beautiful. They sell out quickly though so keep an eye out for when Ali lists them and be quick!

A good friend of ours is moving to a new home tomorrow, it is a big new start for him and in between making quilt blocks for the borrowers I found a spare hour to whizz up a new home gift for him. I wanted to make something that not only made the new house a home but also reflected his personality and most importantly wasn't too girly! Not too hard a brief then!

Actually, I was rather excited about making something a bit different, I am a bit of a style schizophrenic and like all sorts. But I did have to keep this simple as I was really restricted on time.

Ah dear, I think this will be a wrestle to give away, I LOVE it!

So does a certain Little Miss, who INSISTED on being in the photo this morning (spot the vintage sheet pj's!)
I really enjoyed making these, I a secretly really proud of the 'Bang Bang' Gun and I'm thinking of a way to re-make this for myself, perhaps a notebook cover. I hope they find a good place in his new home!

Finally I have spent the rest of today cleaning, hoovering and I am about to commence a mammoth pizza making session. All because I have my wonderful girlfriends coming over tonight for a pizza and pamper night! WhooooooooooHooooo for pampering! There will be 6 of us, LOADS of pizza and pringles and nibbles, a great chick flick (that we will of course talk through), a beautician coming to give us all manicures,  two foot spas, a load of face masks and these:

Sugar Mama Body Scrub, using this tutorial, for my lovely lovely friends. We all met when we had just had our babies, over 2 years later we have had lots of fun, tears and laughter and each one is a Sweet Mama in my mind!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Deborah said...

Your magnets are precious. From what I'm reading, they are pretty fussy to make!

Nicky said...

Cute magnets and sounds like a great night in!

Sarah said...

Your lost follower is missing out big time sweetie, you've excelled yourself here! Magnets are supercute. I WANT THOSE CUSHIONS. And I want a night like that too... :-( Have a wonderful time!

linda said...

i have jumped in to take the place of lost follower :)))have a great evening !!

susan said...

Love the magnets and don't worry about the follower. I lose them all the time. Usually when I have a good rant about something!! ;-)

Cindy said...

Oh, Emily! I like you enough to follow you twice to make up for the lost one. Wish I could :)

Flying Blind... said...

Looks like you have it all sorted!
PS Typepad and other non-Blogger followers do seem to disappear if they log out - they might re-appear!

Cherie said...

Such cute little magnets, I just ordered the book so will be fun to see the projects inside!
Looks like you'll be having fun! =D

I'm thinking of hosting a swap. Let me know if you're interested

Katy Cameron said...

Fab makes, and hope you're having a riotous time tonight :oD

PS, I seem to lose one every time I make one of those ASS posts, can't think why... ;o)

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Well done to Linda!!
Love your cute magnets and I don't blame you for only doing 3! I think they're adorable but I don't fancy making anything that small!
The cushions are awesome!
Have a great time with your friends, sounds like bliss :)

Kelly said...

Love the magnets and I wasn't the one to dump you from my reader ;-)

Amy DeCesare said...

Great projects...schizophrenia works well for you! Love your plans for a party too!