Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Sample Swap - Ready!

I can't resist a swap, particularly not a sample swap at the FQ retreat!

I had a couple of note holders left from a stack of 'ready-gifts' I like to have made up, so it seemed sensible to 'cheat' and just make up a couple of more to add to them to get the 4 needed and a head start, what with all the lists I have to work through!

I hope these are well received and useful, obviously with around 30 people in the swap it is going to be hard to make something completely original. But I wanted to try and make something that would actually get used, not just taken home and put on the side, these may be useful during the workshops, you never know!

Guess who's been playing with picmonkey?!

I haven't made one for myself - I ran out of linen! Oh well I am sure I will get lots more goodies to bring home.

Look there is a space for your 'golden ticket' in the corner of each one (am I the only one a little disappointed that we didn't actually get a golden FQ Retreat ticket like the one on the booking page?!)

Outside of note folder 1

Inside of note folder 1

Outside of note folder 2

Inside of note folder 2

Outside of note folder 3

Inside of note folder 3

Outside of note folder 4

Inside of note folder 4

Made using this tutorial from Lark Crafts and I pieced the little squares using this fab method from Lucy.

I cant believe it is only just over 4 weeks until the big weekend, 3 days all on my own with no motherly or wifely duties! I need 4 weeks to let that fact sink in!


Fiona @ Poppy Makes said...

Oh I love your note holders! They're brilliant and will be really useful. What is the lining fabric (with the cream background) that you used for note holder 2? I really love that fabric!

susan said...

These are gorgeous and useful. Great idea for the swap.

Katy Cameron said...

Yep, totally hard done by on the golden ticket front damnit! Love the swap goodies anyway, I think there's goign to be scrambles to get in people's groups lol

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

They are gorgeous!! I would TOTALLY use this! :)
And yeah I really did want a golden ticket - maybe the FQ gods are listening and we'll get an 'I attended' gold ticket!! ;)

Pippa Parsons said...

corr....no gold ticket, just as well I didn't buy one then...
Actually I lie, I'd have loved to be going but the timing's are just not right *sigh* where is next years one ??

Trudi said...

They are absolutely gorgeous and I would definitely use one! I want a golden ticket too! I could put in there when we swap! :)

Kelly said...

These are gorgeous. Great swap pressies :)

Cherie said...

I think you might have to make another one of those....once you get more linen of course..Then you make it...put it in and envelope and mail it to me. Love how they all look =D

P.S.I would be happy to make you something in return =D

Indianna said...

Oh I love the tape measure idea - that could be a very useful addition. Enjoy your time in London.

Annabella said...

These are lovely Emily - I need to get on with the sample swap as I`ve only just joined. Yikes!

Flying Blind... said...

Oh they are lovely!
I might just print out a ticket for the fun of it!