Thursday, 3 May 2012

Jumping on the Zakka Train

I have A LOT of birthday presents to make over the next month so when I saw Zakka Style at The Book Depository for only £5.99 including postage I knew buying the book would make much more sense than buying presents!

It helped that I had been admiring all the cute projects being sewn up in the Zakka Style Blog Hop, everyone seemed to be making such cute things, I didn't want to be left out!

The lovely charm pack arrived on the same day - my prize in the first quarter finish-along sent by Clover and Violet Patterns, so pretty!

So first up we made the sewing pouch. I say we because this is a present for my 7 year old daughters friend and my daughter felt it only right that she make it up. I did all the measuring and cutting, she did the sewing. Very proud of her I am too!

I decided it just wouldn't be a Zakka pouch without the little bird so I made a quick lino cut and used that to stamp the pouch. I hope it is well received by the friend, she has a very keen interest in sewing and I know she is getting a machine for her birthday so hopefully this will tie in nicely.

Then today I got stuck into the next project in the book, a pencil case but as this is going to be a gift for my mother-in-laws birthday I determined it to be a spectacle case.

A very quick project to sew up

Luckily I have the same initials as my MIL so if she hates this I can keep it!

Oh how did that little lino birdie sneak on the back ;-)

I got word a couple of days ago that my FQ Retreat name tag arrived safely at its destination, so now I can reveal the front.

To my relief Jo was really pleased with it and not p***ed off that I had basically copied one of her embroidery designs! I was so taken with her wonderful woodland creatures hoop that I wanted her tag to have a bit of that unique and amazing design on it so everyone at the retreat would know what Jo was all about. You can see what she had to say about it here!

Before I go I just HAVE to show you this cute tape I picked up today in Totnes, I went on an impromptu outing with my Mum, she had the day off and came over, which hasn't happened since last July! We had a wonderful  morning looking in lots of pretty shops (Totnes is great if you love handmade, vintage and quirky). I fell in love with the Belle & Boo tape on the top and the pink tape has cute woodland creatures and even cuter packaging! Luckily my wonderful husband had given me a few pennies, they didn't stay in my purse for long.

Now to go and find things that need sticking together ;-)


verykerryberry said...

very cute pencil case, love your little lino prints

susan said...

Lovely gifts being made and glad to see you got some things for yourself for a change!

Amanda said...

The gifts are gorgeous, the bird is a very sweet addition.
The name badge is so sweet!

Flying Blind... said...

oh I love the 'oh I just made a quick lino bird' - that would take me forever and look like roadkill!!

Love Jo's tag (fearing you may be a bit disappointed with yours now!) x

Kelly said...

The sewing kit rocks, your daughter should be very proud! Love the specs case and your tag is just superb.

Cherie said...

Thanks for the reminder on bookdepo, completely forgot about that site!
The sewing kit looks great, love the fabric.
The pencil/spectacle case looks great too!
Such a cute name tag! =D

P.S where do you get your linen from?

Katy Cameron said...

That book is just perfect for wee pressies, isn't it? Love the name tag, and those tapes are fab! I've never seen them before...

Annabella said...

Cute makes and I love the name tag you made - clever you!!

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

The sewing case is such a great gift! You both did a great job :)
Love the glasses case too and that tag is amazing! Your stitching is beautiful!

Amy DeCesare said...

Charming!!! I love your versions of the Zakka projects. These are so sweet...wonderful presents!