Friday, 10 August 2012

A little of what you fancy....a sew-less post

I LOVE FMF.....I do!

And until a couple of weeks ago I didn't have any, but then I was very naughty and brought a couple of FQ's because RUCraft were giving away 1 free fq per I popped into the store (which is about a 5 minute drive from me) with my print out of their offer email. The shop staff were a bit confused and unsure whether it was an online only offer. But I stood my ground and got my free fq, and saved myself the £3 postage cost of ordering online, yay! I have yet to challenge them as to why their online prices are lower than the instore prices.

A few days later I got very tempted by the new clamshell minaudiere clutch frames at u-handbag...even better, they were on special offer due to some slight plastic lumps inside due to a moulding process error.

So I ordered one, it arrived the next day and I whipped out the craft knift and trimmed off the bumps.

Next the fabric glue came out and the FMF and some Lakehouse Dry Goods Penelope Tea Labels from Simply Solids I had from a while back.....and tadah!

I love my 'posh' clutch with it's big gem and bright fmf fabric, I just need to get my hubby to take me somewhere nice to use could be awhile, something about me spending all the money on fabric? I have no idea what he meant!

A few tips I would give if you are wanting to make one of these are be very sparing with the glue but do make sure the case is completely covered, especially the edges. Glue on each piece of fabric separately, allowing them to dry before attempting to glue the lining/outside (depending on the order you do it in) and make sure it is completely dry before you glue it into the frame. You will be wrestling it a bit and you want that fabric to stay where you put it and not wrinkle up, even more so if you have lined it as it will be a much snugger fit and may need some persuading!

I blame Nicky for this new obsession, but it was a refreshing change to make something non-sewn. Another top tip is the u-handbag damages section, great bargains for practising a new style on, I picked up a couple of really cheap frames to try new shaped purses on (and make mistakes on!) before buying the full price ones.

Hope you all have a wonderfully sunny weekend!


Susan Standen said...

Oh you did a fabulous job. I would much that up totally!

Katy Cameron said...

Ooh, very pretty, hope you get that night out to go with it ;o)

Kelly said...

Oh Emily that is one rockin purse!

Flying Blind... said...

Oh it's awesome and well done on the Rucraft challenge xxx

Cherie said...

Sometimes websites are like that because they hit you with the postage charge at the end. Then i store the postage is added on to like every item!
Loving the clutch. What an interesting frame =D

Sarah said...

Goodness that looks fancy.... very clever! x

Erin @ Billy Button Design said...

I know how you feel. AB fabric came in the mail this week and instead of thinking about a quilt that i would like to make out if it, I picked out the fabrics that would look great made into purses....Nicky what have you done to me!

Cindy said...

Oh wow it's pretty. Have you used it yet?

Nicky said...

I thought what a lovely post - till I got to the end and the blame section - hehe! Who is that person!?

Had my eye on these types too but not as adventurous as you! Great job Emily