Thursday, 9 August 2012

Still wiggling on!

yet more wiggly bags have been popping through the letterbox!

Lovely ribbon adorned bags from Louise at Sew Scrumptious

Pretty Bags and some lovely Pips scraps for me from the very kind Katy at The Littlest Thistle

A huge box full of wiggly's from the amazing Mina at Kinda Quilty in Texas USA!

Lots of colourful Wiggly's from Amanda who heard about the Wiggly Bag collection via Twitter!

I have been amazed by the sheer generosity of the lovely ladies that have been making and sending these in, as Cindy said, what a wonderful community we have!

Thank you all SO much, each and every one of these bags will help brighten a child's treatment and stay in hospital and I know that every parent of those children will be very grateful for any little difference we can make.

I also had some very exciting post today, something for ME!

My gorgous frame purse, from Amanda at Scissors and Thread.

I just adore the fabric she used for the purse, I wish I could have more of it, I would LOVE pj's made from that, oh wow how amazing would that be?!

She also sent me some awesome scraps, I just love MM, lucky lucky me!

And if I could use my purse inside out then I would....because the inside is just as cute!

Thank you Amanda, you got it perfect for me, I love it :-). And a mahousive thank you to Nicky and Helen for running the swap, loved it!

There may be more frame purse related happenings around here...but you'll have to come back to see what, oh I am a tease!


Cindy said...

Oh my goodness look at those wigglers! Well done, folks!

Your purse is just gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. What fantastic fabrics!


Sarah said...

Oh I am glad you're still needing wigglies.... mine are all sat waiting my trip to the post office... soon, promise!

Flying Blind... said...

I think you owe your posty a cup of tea for delivering all that awesome lot!!

Katy Cameron said...

Fab collection of wigglies there, and loving the pursey loot!

Cherie said...

Such awesome wigglies!
Loving the purse and goodies =D

Susan Standen said...

Fabulous that you are receiving so many wigglies. And fabulous framed purse too!

Kelly said...

Love the purse!

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Wonderful!! How amazing is Mina?! Lovely bag swap :)