Sunday, 19 August 2012

Bees and Post

I am now in 2 bees, both done for the month, except a signature block for Leanne in the Modern Stitching Bee.

Grannie block for Leanne in Modern Stitching Bee, I really wanted to keep this one for myself, loved the colours :-)

Grannie block for Leanne in Modern Stitching Bee

Uneven Stacked Coin Block for Lisa In the Stash Bee

Wiggles from the lovely Sarah

Little Apples from Sarah too for my Aneela Quilt and a selvedge for 'that' dress I am supposed to be making! Thank you so much Sarah for the fabric, I was starting to worry about not having any apples and perhaps having to leave it out, thanks to Sarah I don't have to now :-)

If anyone has any more Apples they don't want I'd really love some more, whether you want to swap or sell, just let me know.

Wiggles from Pamela French (sorry no blog to link too)

On the wiggly front I have now collected 94 which is amazing! I know there are a few on their way to me, I really hope we can get to 100, that would be so fantastic. A massive thank you to anyone who has made and sent wigglys.

No sewing today, just baking, gardening, sun bathing and drinking wine....speaking of which, the later requires more attention, tata!


Cherie said...

Great looking granny blocks! Such fun colours. Have you made a start on THE dress yet? =D

Katy Cameron said...

Loving the blocks, but sunbaking? Really? Lucky cow

Kelly said...

Love those bee blocks! I have offcuts from a little apples layer cake but they are quite small - any use to you? x

Nat at Made in Home said...

The granny squares are gorgeous!

Susan Standen said...

Hope the wine was good! Love the blocks. I still have to make Leanne's. Children home and sewing don't seem to go hand in hand here!

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Gorgeous blocks!! I hope you'll have the selvedge dress done for the retreat next year :)

Sarah said...

So glad you like :-) xxx

Leanne said...

I am loving the grannies, please don't keep either of them.