Friday, 29 March 2013

The one that got away

You may remember this little project?!

It fell victim to a chewy puppy last year and sadly didn't make it to my Brit Quilt Swap partner as intended.

I kept the pieces and after some healing time ;-) I unpicked the damaged parts and started to rebuild.

So now it has been hanging out on my sofa for a few months, creeping into the odd photo or two I decided it was time to give it the reveal it deserves.

Epp The Rainbow Cushion

It is hand quilted onto an old remnant of woollen blanket and bound using the cutest ever black pin dot fabric, I love this cushion and I am so glad I {eventually} had the patience to resurrect it.

Epp The Rainbow Cushion

Next month I am teaching a series of workshops at my lqs on epp, this cushion will be coming along with me, as will the rose star quilt....which I am hoping will be quilted by then!!

Monday, 25 March 2013

With a little help from my friends

Its been busy, very busy here!

Lots of life stuff going on, some not so nice horrible stuff which I wont share, but some good stuff too - new teaching at another local sewing shop, making me a multi location teacher now, yay!

I have also been sewing, with the help of friends. Both in terms of support and kindness when I needed it (thank you, you know who you all are) but also in terms of emergency supplies!

Thanks to my lovely friend Karen, who send me a scrap of Summersville when I ran out on a border for my Marcelle Medallion quilt.

Finished Marcelle Medallion Quilt

And to the wonderfully kind Sadie who sent me a spool of Aurifil when mine ran out 2/3rds of the way through quilting my Bee a Brit Stingy x & + bee quilt and I couldn't find the weight I needed.

x & + quilt finished

I was very lucky to get some beautiful blocks from my bee mates and couldn't wait to whizz the quilt up!

x & + quilt finished {close up}

I had the perfect vintage sheet in my stash to back it with

x & + quilt finished {back}

x & + quilt finished {back, quilting & binding}

And I splashed out on some Heather Bailey Nicey Jane I have been eyeing up for months in my LQS, perfect binding fabric!

x & + quilt finished {folded}

So huge thanks to my bee lovelies for giving me a gorgeous quilt to cuddle up in and thanks to you others for the virtual hugs that are much needed at the moment. Happiness in quilty form is helping get me through some tough times at the moment, I am enjoying it all in a corner of my studio.

A wall of new things!