Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Last week in pictures

As promised here is the insane amount of sewing I got done last week!

November in Pictures

Excuse the instagram photos (whoops, I forgot to mention, I fell for instagram! You can find me @lovestrawberrypatch)

From top to bottom there is:

1. Fractured Oakshott Finished
2. Christmas Table Runner Sample for Workshop finished
3. 2 patchwork chair pads for the girls made
4. EPP Rose Star Cushion made as sample in preparation for teaching epp class at LQS
5. Same cushion but used as a table mat/mini quilt
6. Liberty Mini Finished
7. Another rose star block made (that's 7 now)
8. Bruce the Buck phone case made
9. More + and x blocks made
10. Infinity scarf made from my Melody Miller I won from Kelly back in May (finally!)

I am embarrassed to say there was more but I just didn't take photos (these were bad enough, there are only so many naff pictures I want to clutter my blog with ;-)

This week seems to be heading the same way...I 'may' have just started a swoon quilt on a whim whilst Mary was here for a sewing day on Monday, ahem. Well I have finished a few wip's so I figured I was entitled to start another (technically two as I've been sewing up all of the hst cut offs to use at the same time).

I've just got the log burner fired up so I think a cuppa and a biscuit are in order before braving the Arctic conditions in the sewing room again!

Saturday, 3 November 2012

insert moving heartfelt title here...

sorry about the lack of blog title, as usual I can't find the words I need....I really intended to post this sooner but it is talking a while to sift through the mess that are the thoughts in my head.

I am so moved, so wonderfully lucky and incredibly grateful for all the supportive and caring comments on my last blog post. I was very overwhelmed by the warmth and concern I received, I really did not expect it. I feel very blessed to have met such amazing people. Please be assured that I am seeking help, I will get through this but at the moment it is hard and sometimes seems impossible. Your words have made a huge difference, I never thought I would say this but perhaps if all of you like me I should really start trying harder to like myself.

On a lighter note I am please I still have the ability to laugh, a lot, thanks to a wonderful spam comment on my 'blue' blog post. Me and my husband had a very long chuckle to this one:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "I got the blues": 

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Posted by Anonymous to Strawberry Patch

Oh the irony! At least I still have a sense of humour!

And I also still have amazing things coming through my letter box, lucky me! Earlier this week my AMAZING mouthy stitches tote came from the very talented Nicolette.

PicMonkey Collage bag

 There is not one thing I don't like about this, she made it absolutely perfect for me! The Metro circles, the quilting, the epp, the Heather Ross and DS fabric, the text prints (all my fav prints by the way) and the colours, oh the colours! They just happen to be my favourite combination right now. Nicolette is so clever and I am going to cherish this tote. My girls were so impressed at the fact that a lady in Holland had made it (I think they have inherited my awe of all things that come from overseas!).

But wait, there is more! I think I possibly forgot to mention that I joined a new bee?! I am in Bee a Brit stingy with some of the best of British bloggers and we decided to kick things off with a pincushion swap. It wasn't secret, with each of us making for the person in the month after us, but we did keep what we'd made a secret. Now mine has  arrived I can show you my stingy pincushion!

Bee a Brit Stingy Pincushion Bee a Brit Stingy Pincushion

I made this for Jan, using the tiny pieces cut off my HST when I was making blocks for the Aneela quilt. They were sat in a pile with the trimmings next to my machine and it seemed a shame to waste them, next thing I knew I was making a teeny tiny star block, I think it ended up about 3-4" across. And imagine my delight when a couple of weeks later Jan made herself a machine cover also using Sew Stitchy!

My pincushion was made by Lucy, lovely lovely bff Lucy and she knows me oh so well

Bee a Brit Stingy Pincushion

 A pieced doll?! Wowzers, I love it and I have 2 little girlys who have their eyes on this one! And on the back, glittery text sigh. I 'may' have spent quite a bit of time in front of the window making this shimmer ;-)

I have also been sewing lots this week (my output seems to increase in proportion with my dropping mood!) but I'm saving that for another day, suffice to say Fractured qal is finished, my liberty mini is finished, I made some patchwork chair pads, two phone cases, a Christmas table runner and a bunch of + and x blocks!