Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Taking the Backache out of Basting

Hey everyone! Lots has been happening whilst I've been absent from the blog. If you follow me on instagram (lovestrawberrypatch) you'll probably know most of it already.

But for those that don't....I went to the quilt show in Exeter, did some fun shopping with Mary and Suzy then went out to Dinner with Katy and Jo too (that was fun!).

I have brought an amazing quilting frame....halfway there to the dream now! I just have to start saving again for a long arm machine now and there'll be no holding me back ;-)

In sadder news my husband has been very ill and in hospital. It is still ongoing and has been a very stressful time for us (que lots of distraction therapy sewing) not only waiting for treatment but managing with losing most of our only wage income to the house.

Which brings me back to the title of my post and my new arrival! Whilst I am not ready to take in quilts for quilting just yet I am going to be offering a basting service, hurray!

This is for all of you out there that love the piecing and then let your completed top sit in a discreet place where it wont make you feel guilty for not basting it and getting on with the job!

I can baste quilts upto aprox 90" in width and longer in length, you supply your completed quilt top, wadding and backing and I will baste it ready for either hand or machine quilting, saving your poor knees and back from all that crawling around and pining! Cost are very reasonable whilst I build up this service so take advantage now! For more details please see my new page at the top!

Of course if you are local you might fancy a spot of studio hire? You can hire out my studio and use of the frame, bring along your quilt and machine and off you go! Again further details are on my new 'Quilting Services' page.

New Studio Layout

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Practising with a different kind of needle

Recently I have been playing with bigger needles, knitting needles to be exact.

I have been trying to knit since I was about 10, with several half hearted attempts at learning! This time I think I have finally cracked it.....and I am not going to stop knitting just in case I forget again :-)

I have had one little project or another on the go for the last couple of months. I started off with these socks, pretty proud of these considering my earlier knitting attempts have only resulted in a rectangular scarf!

Just finished my first ever knitted item...socks! I.love.them.so.much!! Can't wait to cast on something a little fancier next time :-) 

Pleased with my socks I knitted my little girl a cute pair of mouse mittens (truth be told I wish they were my size!)

Mouse mittens finished which means I can start back on my #medallionalong....better get dressed first though ;-)

Then I moved onto a shawl, love the drapey nature of this, I used a sock yarn and large needle and got a wonderful sized shawl from just one ball of yarn. I predict more shawls to come!

Boneyard shawl is finished! Very proud of it :-) think I'm well and truly hooked on knitting now! 

And this weekend I finished my first ever knitted garment! A cardigan for my youngest  There are a few mistakes on the lace placket on the front, but I really don't care! It is a cardi, looks like a cardi and wears like a cardi and I honestly cant really believe I managed to knit it!

Cascade Cardi Finished

I used some of my Nannie buttons to finish it off and the new owner has already worn it, in fact she put it on the minute it came off the needles!

Cascade Cardi

I have already cast on some armwarmers, to keep me warm whilst sewing, must keep knitting, I wouldn't want to forget this new skill :-)