Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Feel the love

Friendships are important, some come and go, others may frustrate you at times but at the end of the day we wouldn't be who we are without the support and companionship our friends provide us with.

I have never been very confident at making new friends, but since I have been part of the online quilting community my confidence, and number of friends, has had a real boost! And what warm, kind, supportive and generous friends quilty friends are!

Then sometimes they are blow your mind amazing, like Pennie. Last year Pennie invited me to stay when I needed a break, we went to Lizzy House's workshop at The Village Haberdashery, she showered me with gifts and generally gave me a great weekend that was definitely the medicine I needed.

And last week a parcel arrived from Pennie, containing some fabric I had brought during the #greatukfabricdestash I organised on Instagram, but also much other gorgeous bounty!

This week I had the most amazing parcel ever from my lovely friend @tuppencehapennyquilts. To be honest I'm still speechless and in disbelief that it's mine. The pouch is the most perfect thing. Ever. Fact.

Pennie sent me all her AMH voile scraps so I can make a voile quilt like the one I keep dreaming about, I cannot wait to get started, but the blow my mind amazingness of the Melody Miller sew together bag she sent me, well, I just about died!

See, perfection. Didn't I tell you?! #melodymillerforever #imspoilt thank you so so much @tuppencehapennyquilts

You see me and Pennie were probably destined to be friends, what with our shared passion for all things Melody. How she could bear to use up all this Melody and then send it to me is a mystery, one that makes the gift mean so much more as I know what a wrench it would have been for her!

It really is perfect, in every way. So thank you a million times my dear friend Pennie, you, and many other quilty friends, are what keeps me sane and very happy!

Thursday, 5 June 2014

A Perfect Pouf for The Daily Stitch

I have a new tutorial over at The Daily Stitch!

Of all the tutorials I have done for The Daily Stitch over at The Village Haberdashery I think this has to my absolute favorite to date. Not only were the Lotus Pond fabrics from Made by Rae perfect for the project but is is something both me and the children can enjoy using in the house. In fact I think depending on the fabric choices you make this could be the perfect addition to any home.....how about the greatest housewarming gift too?!

You can get the full tutorial over here and shop for all the supplies here!