Friday, 2 September 2011

Japanese Scraps Have Arrived!

WHoooooooooo, my Japanese scrap bag arrived today and full of lovelies it was too!

I cant wait to dive in and make up my sandwich bag, I will have to wait though as I have 2 craft fairs over the next two weekends and lots of stock to make for them.

Speaking of which, part of the reason why I have been so quiet on the blog is because I have been busy preparing stock, the other being we went away for a lovely long weekend to Exmoor for my Birthday. There is no phone signal where we go and so I made the most of the total isolation for a few days to recharge the batteries.

Here is a peek at my latest makings:

I gave myself a little playtime and made up this cute little mini quilt using  the tutorial from Sew Happy Geek. Its so easy to follow and its a fab technique that makes a really complicated looking pattern but is actually very simple and quick. I decided that something on this scale would be perfect for trying out some free motion quilting and I am fairly pleased with how I did. I will be practicing more before I try it on a large quilt tho!

Here is a little wedding gift I made for a friend, I liked it so much that I had to make another one for our home. If you are interested in how its done, I used freezer paper to carry my fabric through the printer. I was amazed and will definitely be using it again and again and again!

Here is a little stitched picture for the Gallery in Teignmouth as they have sold out!

.....and another.....

.......and another.....

....and the last one! I was so tempted to keep this little one. The idea had been floating around my head for some time and I felt rather attached to it but they needed stock and I need to make money. I can always make myself another one to keep  I can always plan to make one but never get around to it!

That's all for tonight, lots more photos to share and new project to rave about but I wont bore you anymore, besides I need some sleep.....the rainbow scrap quilt is finished though so I will leave you with a promise of a picture next time.


Katy Cameron said...

Love the new creations, hope the fairs go well!

Sarah PingsAndNeedles said...

love that postcard to pieces! Can't wait to see your japanese scrap bag doings ... Yay you!