Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Christmas - a time for giving, a time for getting

The words of Cliff Richard I believe?!

Well I have been giving, with my Modern Christmas Runner in the post along with my Brit Quilt Pillow to their new homes. Then this week I have been getting!

First of all this amazing parcel arrived from Australia

Which is the front and which is the back? Well I cant decide, they are both amazing! They came from the wonderful Kirsten in Australia. Have a look at her blog, she has some great projects on there.
I must say that this has been such a great swap, superb talent and inspiration and of course a fantastic swap mama ;-)

Kirsten sent me a little house for my Christmas ornament, have a look at what I had sewn myself just the day before!

Now I have a cute pair to hang on the mantelpiece for Christmas. Feeling all in the mood I dug out my lino cut I made a couple of years ago and made up some Christmas cards. I was going quite well until I realised I had already packed the majority of the card and couldn't remember which box it was in. A job to finish at the new house I think!

Then more getting yesterday, my poor postman having to carry all these parcels for me! This time it was my Brit Quilt pillow fight swap parcel and lookey look what I got, the half dresden from Vikki over at The Cosy Tea, swoon!

Ive been lusting after a half dresden for what feels like an age now. Vikki got this one just right for me, I love the shape, the colours and prints and the design.

But that's not all, not only did I receive a fab cushion but also some amazing fabric too! What a lucky lucky girl I am!

Look, sherbet pips scraps, squeeeeeee! My first ever piece of pips and yes I did stand there stroking it for some time! Fabric spends have been not so readily available of late and I have been coveting some for a while now. What you can't see at the bottom of the wrapped pile is the most perfect fabric for a project Ive been meaning to start. Vikki sent me some really cute bicycle fabric, the best excuse for making Juliette's bike bucket straight away!

I made it using the tutorial at Noodlehead with a couple of changes. To make it fit her scooter I cut the Velcro handlebar attachment in 2 to allow for the post in the middle. (hmm sure there is a more technical term than post!)

I also wanted to try and get it to fit her new Christmas balance bike before it was wrapped up. Unfortunately there is a large bar between the handles on the bike and the bucket was not big enough to space the Velcro tabs further apart. So I stitched in two loops of elastic when attaching the tabs and this does the trick. So a multi vehicle bucket is made. It is now wrapped up awaiting the new owners approval on Christmas day.

I'm off to pack yet more boxes, and maybe even sneak in another quick pattern test before the big move next Friday!


Catherine said...

wow, you have been lucky! what a great table runner: one I won't be getting then :-(. It will look great in your new house

Judith, Belfast said...

Lots of lovelies there! I'm sure you'll get time to enjoy them all proper after the move. Hope all goes well on Friday! Jxo

Katy Cameron said...

Oooh, lucky girl! My postie apparently wimped out today and left a card for me to trail up to the sorting office tomorrow - meanie that he is!

Isisjem said...

Lots of lovely goodies. I'm sure that cushion will look fab in your new home!

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Lovely goodies you have received and great adaptation of the bike bucket - did you have the same 'corner traumas' I had?

Cindy said...

Wow! Look at that runner! Lucky girl, you :)
Your dresden is just beautiful!

Nicky said...

You are so lucky in your swap items Emily - but then you make great stuff too!

The bike and bucket look great together and are sure to be hits for Christmas!

Good luck with the move and keep in touch!

essay best said...

These christmas quilts look absolutely delightful! I love the colors of these and they will liven up the living room all around the year